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Hey folks. This is a guest post from Brendan O’Brien, who will be joining us from time to time and sharing his insight and wisdom about topics primarily focused on landlording.

Hi to all BiggerPockets readers and members.  I’m Brendan O’Brien, also known as PropertyMaster, a landlord and software developer based in New Hampshire.  I own three properties with 13 units here in  the Granite State and make Property Master software.

The REI subjects that most interest me are landlording (with an extra focus on tenant relations and finding tenants, since these take up most of the landlord’s time), and finding hot growth markets.

Why hot markets?  Well, New Hampshire has long had the best business climate of any state in New England.  That meant that if you were a buy-and-hold landlord, you were better off here than in, say, Massachusetts.  Businesses were (and still mostly are) starting and expanding here at a faster rate.  Thus jobs, and then real estate development.  However, New Hampshire has a few problems as well.  Our “climate” climate is not so great.  Increased business regulation and a bigger state government our eroding our advantages.

So the first thing I’m curious about is, what success have you had with investing out of state? If I’m going to expand outside of New Hampshire, I really don’t mind if my investments are hundreds or thousands of miles out of the way. 

Oh, last bit.  Obviously we’re all here because we want to make money, and that can lead to excessive boosterism (which sounds a lot like “BS-ism”.  Please refrain from excessive BS-ism.  I will too.  Another thing to avoid is gutter language and “you’re an evil moron” kind of talk.

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