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Getting Started in Real Estate and Raising Money with Brian Burke

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Getting Started in Real Estate and Raising Money with Brian Burke

In today’s show we talk with Brian Burke, a house flipper and real estate investor from Northern California with a fantastic story and fascinating business model.

Two days ago, Brian wrote a wildly popular article on the BiggerPockets Blog titled, “Anatomy of the Grand Slam: How I Made $800,000 on One Flip” where he talked about flipping a large apartment complex using a combination of hard money and private capital he raised. In today’s Podcast, we’re going to look more in-depth at how Brian got started, the strategies he uses to flip over 100 houses per year, and how you can use the same techniques that he does to raise money for your next real estate deal.

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Read the transcript for Episode 3 with Brian Burke here.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

In This Week’s Podcast We’ll Explore:

  • How Brian started with no money, no experience, and without rich friends
  • How losing money on early deals helped grow Brian’s business
  • Investing in real estate when you look 15 years old.
  • Why dealing with sellers is Brian’s least favorite strategy for real estate investing
  • Brian, Brandon, and Josh’s differing opinions on using credit cards to finance real estate
  • Why raising private capital is one of the most important jobs for an investor
  • Three tips for raising private capital
  • Why Richard Branson gets in a hot air balloon and sails around the world.
  • How Brian funds dozens of real estate flips per month
  • Using property managers to get you inside information
  • The one piece of advice new investors can’t survive without.
  • Using partners to invest in real estate

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“If you don’t screw up – you don’t learn.”
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“They won’t say yes if you don’t ask.”
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“Sometimes failure is your biggest boost.”
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“Whether it’s Harvard, Yale, or on the streets of real estate school – every lesson costs you money.”
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“Sell yourself… the more track records your build, the easier you can raise capital.”
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“If you want to change your situation, change your vocabulary.”
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“A lot of this business is sounding like you’re smart – but you’ve gotta back it up.”
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“If you don’t love your work – you’ll never make it to the next level.”
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About Brian

Brian Burke is co-founder and Managing Director of Praxis Capital, LLC, a real estate private equity investment firm created to provide high rates of return to his investors while tactically managing risk. He has been a real estate entrepreneur since 1989, and has purchased over 500 properties valued at over $150 million, primarily from foreclosure.


Brian’s BiggerPockets Profile
Brian’s Company Website: Praxcap.com

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