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Four Newbies and Their Very First Real Estate Success Stories

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Four Newbies and Their Very First Real Estate Success Stories

On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast – we’re going to change things up. You see, all of our interviews thus far have been with real estate investing professionals, who are absolutely crushing it in their real estate journey.

However, today, we want to sit down with some investors who are just starting out and can tell us their stories of how they achieved their first real estate deal. These stories are not only helpful for new investors, but even the pros can learn valuable lessons from their experiences. We cover everything from investing when you live in an expensive city to dealing with the drama that might arise during a wholesale deal and even tips for buying a small multifamily property as your first primary residence. Don’t miss this amazing set of interviews with some really great individuals!

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Nicholas Stevens: The Live-In Buy and Hold Triplex


  • Why he chose to buy a multifamily property for his first home
  • Using an FHA 203K loan to fund a rehab real estate deal
  • Dealing with a bad attorney
  • Buying a property with existing tenants
  • Tips for living with your tenants

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Ezinwanne Hawkins: Wholesaling the Shell of a House


  • Gaining a local mentor to help learn real estate
  • Free ways to market for wholesalers
  • Dealing with major problems on a real estate investment
  • How Ezinwanne got a property under contract for just $1 Dollar

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Matt Whiteside: The Stressful (but Profitable) First Wholesale Deal


  • Finding motivated sellers via late taxes
  • How a multiple bid situation gave Matt almost $10,000 more.
  • How Matt negotiated with a HOA to lower his selling expenses
  • Making $11,000 with a $1 investment

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Mehran Kamari: Investing Out of State


  • Tips for buying your first home
  • How to find good out-of-state investing locations
  • Buying real estate without ever stepping foot inside
  • Tips for finding and interviewing a great property manager
  • Using BiggerPockets to find partners and make deals happen

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Books Mentioned in the Show

How to Be a Deed Grabber by Rick Dawson
How I Turned $1,000 into Five Million in Real Estate in My Spare Time by William Nickerson

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