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This deal analysis and advice forum is the place to find help analyzing your real estate deals. Need help figuring out the numbers? Post that potential deal here and get feedback.

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Help analyzing a deal
Started by John Turner
16 Tiny 1446608645 avatar johnt42 Last post byJohn Turner
22 minutes ago
Cash flow vs appreciation?
Started by James Lindsey
11 No avatar tiny Last post byRussell Sharif
about 1 hour ago
Is this a worthy deal?
Started by Leah Bonner
8 Tiny 1441309911 avatar cameronp2 Last post byCameron Price
about 3 hours ago
Cap Rate Michigan
Started by Benjamin McClellan
2 Tiny 1420448662 avatar benjaminm Last post byBenjamin McClellan
about 3 hours ago
Help, post fire and can't even give this Chicago deal away
Started by Anita Fofie
16 No avatar tiny Last post byMatt Castle
about 4 hours ago
Methods for finding market value of a property
Started by Joe Calderon
4 Tiny 1448386327 avatar financexaminer Last post byBill Gulley
about 4 hours ago
New member from Tanzania
Started by Flazia Isack
2 Tiny 1448323051 avatar mysolo401k Last post byMark Nolan
about 5 hours ago
Using a Rent-Meter
Started by Al Bigley
1 Tiny 1448388368 avatar ecolegrove Last post byElizabeth Colegrove
about 5 hours ago
Looking at my first buy and hold property - MO
Started by Brandon Barnes
8 Tiny 1428084982 avatar patg1 Last post byPat Gage
about 6 hours ago
Is This A Good Deal?
Started by Josue Guerrero
30 Tiny 1428084982 avatar patg1 Last post byPat Gage
about 6 hours ago
analysis of existing property
Started by Ramon Moreno
8 Tiny 1448397398 avatar ramonm6 Last post byRamon Moreno
about 7 hours ago
4plex in Los Angeles - BRRR Analysis
Started by Victor Ong
0 No avatar tiny Last post byVictor Ong
about 7 hours ago
Fix & Flip ??
Started by Dennis Jervier, Jr
3 Tiny 1438685138 avatar mikbuysre Last post byMike Sedlacek
about 8 hours ago
New to this and appreciate ANY input!
Started by Timothy Nelson
22 Tiny 1422206906 avatar kevind11 Last post byKevin Darrell
about 14 hours ago
Need advise on my first deal
Started by Natan Gozman
1 Tiny 1399439494 avatar shabaka nj Last post byIbrahim Hughes
about 23 hours ago
Out of state investing in Michigan
Started by Mark Laird
1 Tiny 1399289709 avatar blackhawk99 Last post byMark Yuschak
about 23 hours ago
4 Condos in Houston, Great Cash flow - Why won't they sell?
Started by Matt McConkey
0 Tiny 1448397345 avatar mattm17 Last post byMatt McConkey
1 day ago

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