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The Basics of Real Estate Investment Deal Analysis
So many new and even many experienced real estate investors have little clue about doing a proper analysis of a deal. With that in mind, I thought it was important to share the article below, written by J. Scott on... View more
How I Analyze a Rental Property (in-depth video from Brandon!)
Hey folks, A triplex came on the MLS today piqued my interest, so I decided to analyze it. Then I thought... maybe I should record my thoughts out loud to share with the BiggerPockets audience. Maybe that'll help... View more
How to Calculate Fixed Costs on a Rehab, Flip, or Wholesale
Part of analyzing a deal is having an understanding of the fixed costs that come with doing that deal. BiggerPockets Blog contributor, J. Scott wrote an incredible article to spell out the details for anyone... View more
VA loan opportunity
I am currently stationed in Augusta, Ga where cost of living is super cheap and the area is growing decently. I have a remainder of 1 year and 5 months left here, that being said, with a VA loan I would have to occupy... View more
Hello! Unfinished basement
Hi! I'm new here, and have been absorbing all the great information on this site. I kinda feel like I'm on information overload. How do you factor in unfinished space into deal analyzing? Example: ''1 Br/1Ba with... View more
First BRRRR, seeking out advice & analysis. (Dirt floor basement)
Hello Everyone!I starting out with house hacking last year, moved into my primary residence, and now have been thinking about my neighbors house that has been vacant since 2019 and not selling. I started working my... View more
Deciding between properties
Hi!  My husband and I are new 1031 investors.  We have are nearing our 45-day deadline to name our replacement properties.  We made many offers and have two accepted offers that we need to choose between.  Both... View more
Help me Analyze this Large Investment recently started looking at larger investments in retail and commercial spaces. This property has all long term leases with an NOI of $495,665 after including a new tenant with a 10... View more
Sell or Rent Primary (1st Rental Analysis
Hello BP,I have been stuck on this analysis for some time. Sell my primary vs. rent it as an investment. I am at the point to where these low interest rates are allowing a decent amount of cashflow if I refinance. My... View more
Help me analyze this deal
I walked the property today and currently am working on getting it put under contract. This is a 6 unit building in Washington, DC, with a current NOI of $53,000. The current owner has only 4/6 units ... View more
Milwaukee Area Basics please
Hello everyone,I have yet to buy my first property. I live in AZ but I’ve been looking in my hometown of Wausau WI. There is very little inventory there and in some areas the property taxes are really high. I want to... View more
Partner with Capital 50/50 Split. Thoughts?
Hey Everyone,This is my scenario. My ex real estate broker wants to partner on a deal. He has no experience with investing and isn't handy. My strategy has been claiming residency at a multifamily every year which I am... View more
Is having a Positive Cash Flow Based RentalProperty A Bad Thing?
"The value of the selling NJ Off Market 6-Unit Rental Property and the value of it now are based on the cash flow and conditions," according to the Realtor (in PA) attached to the NJ Off Market... View more
Buying second home to rent out our first
2020 was the year I set high goals for us to begin our adventure in owning rental properties. Then the pandemic hit and we found out we are expecting our first kid so we backed off those goals a bit, but kept looking.... View more
How Much Value Does Adding a Room Bring to the Home?
I run into this problem a lot where I'm trying to find comps when running a CMA on a home but they all have a different number of rooms. I ask other real estate agents and they say the same old "it depends on the... View more
First Duplex numbers check
Hey everyone! Just had a counter offer on my first duplex. Do my #s make sense? Two 1/1s in AZ.134k purchase with 4k closing to me. 25% (32500) down paymentCurrent rents are 800 and 650. Utilities included (🤮, I know)... View more
ADU Or Adding to exsisting home???(appraisal value wise)
I currently have a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home I am looking to add the addition of an ADU separate from the house. Would it increase my home equity value to have it attached or separate, according to the appraisal? Does... View more
Help Poke Holes in This BRRRR
So I readily admit to being a spreadsheet jockey. I would greatly appreciate the community's help in two area:1. What am I missing in my analysis? I'm budgeting $40K to convert the interior space into two 2BR/1BA... View more
trying to estimate income with weekly seasonal rental
Hello, I had a lead come through today that really intrigues me. This is a pocket listing from an agent and I am not sure what the asking price will be yet. The property is located on a extremely attractive lake, it... View more
Do you look at the history of previous sale
Hi. I’m kinda new to buying investments ,I have a few do you determine the price you will offer for the house? Do you look at the previous sale and how much they paid to figure how much you will offer... View more
[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal
View report *This link comes directly from our calculators, based on information input by the member who posted.This seems like a good deal. Not huge cashflow, but the idea is to get it paid off in 5... View more