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Luxury House Flipping, Finding Deals, and Discovering Your Niche with Will Barnard

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Luxury House Flipping, Finding Deals, and Discovering Your Niche with Will Barnard

Many house flippers focus on small, cheap properties – but on today’s show we look at the other end of the flipping world: luxury house flipping. Our guest today, Will Barnard, is currently flipping multimillion dollar homes in the Southern California market, but the lessons and tips he shares can help any investor in any stage of the game. Will shares his story of how he got started with real estate investing and built up his business that has covered buy and hold, land development, flipping, and more. This episode covers a wide variety of topics that are sure to entertain and inform – so sit back and enjoy! We’re really excited to bring you this interview.

Read the transcript to episode 32 with Will Barnard here.

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In This Show, We Cover

  • Working with family when starting out
  • The infamous occupant from hell
  • The transition from low-end flipping to high-end flipping
  • Where Will believes the market is going
  • When the 70% rule applies – and when it doesn’t
  • How to find comparable sales for unique homes
  • When to use architects and interior designers
  • The crazy story of the “Seven Figure Spread” flip
  • Working with Real Estate Agents
  • And more!

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How to Negotiate: 7 Real Estate Negotiation Tips by J Scott

Books Mentioned in the Show

Trump Style Negotiation by George Ross
Real Estate Finance and Investment Manual by Jack Cummings

Tweetable Topics:

“Simplicity is key. Buy right … that’s where you’ll lock in your profit.” (Tweet This!)

“Real Estate rules are guidelines, not hard and fast. They are not silver bullets.” (Tweet This!)

“Everything you do in real estate- it’s all about the negotiation.” (Tweet This!)

“There are a lot of hurdles in real estate. It is a roller coaster ride.” (Tweet This!)

“Experience is the Best Educator.”  (Tweet This!)

Connect with Will

Will’s BiggerPockets Account
Will’s Website: www.BarnardEnterprises.com

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