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The Keys to Branding Your Real Estate Business

Chris Feltus
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The Keys to Branding Your Real Estate Business

When I first started in the real estate business, I used a local bulk mail service provider for direct mail.

Everything was turnkey. I would provide the leads, they would format everything, stamp and ship it out on time without fail. The service was cost effective; however, they only allowed you to choose from a selection of templates for how your post cards or letters would appear.

To further complicate matters, all post cards were printed on the same shade of card stock. The result, many businesses became homogenized, and the consumer couldn’t tell one of us heads from tails from the other company at appointments. Since then I have many more years of experience, and I tell you this story to help set the stage for how important branding is for your Real Estate Business.

This is even more critically important in competitive markets. Many times I feel like branding falls to the wayside when it comes to With as much competition as there is in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, you need every possible advantage at your disposal.

This is the first part of a series on the importance of branding and practical applications and actionable tips for your real estate business.

Why is Branding Crucial

My website, postcards, letters etc. all share a similar look , feel and theme that make them consistent across the board. In other words, they are branded. This look and feel will help separate you from your competition as a unique entity that they can distinctly remember.

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Not only that, but the color(s) in your brand might speak to certain individuals, demographics and markets more efficiently. I have a friend who has been in high level marketing for decades now. And you would be surprised how much time they dictate to selecting specific colors for their latest add campaign. In other words, if you design your brand properly, your audience should get an instant read of what to expect from your company.

Brand Colors

A lot of research has gone into developing brands, so much so that the colors you choose make a lasting impact on the consumer. Color also helps dictate the first impressions of how businesses perceive your product. Don’t underestimate the power color can have on the subconscious message you are trying to convey. With that being said, I would like to cover  the primary colors and their most common business applications. While reading through this, try to think what values are important to your company and what colors or themes compliment those values? But it doesn’t have too get too complicated, it just comes down to what do you want the look and feel of your branding to convey?

Selecting a Color for Your Business

Red: impulsiveness , energy, passion, power. High visibility rate, used to help make people make decisions quickly. Red demands your attention to be noticed, but it can also be an overpowering color and turn off some individuals.

Orange: Adventure, enthusiasm, optimism. Orange as a service or product also suggests affordability.


Yellow: Uplifting, analytical, academic. Yellow tends to be a great choice for children’s products. Can help capture the viewers attention quickly, especially if combined with red.

Green: Renewal, vitality, family oriented, generous, flexible.


Blue: Honest, wise, intelligent, caring, conservative. One of the safest colors to use in the business world. Blue conveys a sense of dependability and honesty.


Purple: Loyalty, luxury, beauty, selfless.


White: Simplicity and efficiency, clean, purity. The best application for white is probably for your businesses website. Using white throughout the body, and negative space helps have it that simple but elegant look.

Black: Authority, control, strength.


Next Up in the Series

Of course, no amount of branding  will matter if you are not consistent and persistent with your marketing efforts.

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In the next installment in this series we will discuss other aspects of your brand such as your websites, logo, marketing pieces,  and some helpful tips to help you establish your brand. In the mean time, if your business needs a “rebranding” or you are just now getting started in the real estate business, start thinking about the look, theme and feel of your business.

How will you brand it and make it something unique to you?

Be sure to leave your comments below!

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