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Building a Long Distance Real Estate Empire One House at a Time with Elizabeth Colegrove

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Building a Long Distance Real Estate Empire One House at a Time with Elizabeth Colegrove

Is it possible to invest in real estate at a distance — successfully?

While many might say “no,” today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we bring you Elizabeth Colegrove, who is working on securing her and her husband’s retirement by investing in one home at a time, largely from a distance. Learn the ins and outs of long distance property management and what to look for when deciding on properties to invest in.

From “house hacking” to 1031 exchanges to long distance investing and more, this show is packed with wisdom (and debates) that are bound to inspire you to move your business forward, no matter where you live and where you invest.

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In This Show We Cover:

  • How Elizabeth got started in real estate
    BiggerPockets-Podcast-Cover 300 300
  • How she was introduced to real estate when she was young
  • Discussions about 1031 deals
  • Some tips on getting VA loans
  • Tips for new investors in looking for a property
  • How to successfully use short sales
  • Self managing from a distance
  • What type of properties she buys
  • How she handles costs and how she calculates them
  • Her future real estate goals
  • A perspective on appreciation
  • Plus MUCH more!

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