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Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10X Rule with Grant Cardone

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Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10X Rule with Grant Cardone

Prepare to laugh, groan, and be inspired.

On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with bestselling author, TV pundit, and massively-successful real estate investor Grant Cardone. In one of the most motivating, humorous, inspiring — and inappropriate — podcasts of all 108 shows, you’ll be captivated by Grant’s candor and viewpoints on everything from getting a college education to investing in liberal cities to his definition of success. You’ll also learn how Grant has used the principles outlined in his book, The 10X Rule, to grow his real estate portfolio to a value of $350,000,000. Yes, that’s $350 MILLION dollars.

You are going to love this one.

Read the transcript of episode 108 with Grant Cardone here.

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • Grant’s apology to the BiggerPockets Audience…
  • Why Grant has NEVER written a business plan
  • Why Grant chooses to put his money into real estate
  • How Grant analyzes properties to make sure he always makes money
  • Grant’s morning and evening routine to keep him motivated
  • How Grant finds deals in today’s market
  • Why Grant doesn’t advise investing in single family homes
  • The easiest property type today to get a loan on
  • Why Grant invests in democrat/liberal areas
  • The truth about getting picked on, talked about, and made fun of
  • The brilliant method Grant used to get a 1000+ unit property although he was outbid by 38 different people
  • The unique definition of success to Grant
  • Why aren’t more people doing real estate?
  • How YOU can become a part owner in Grant’s business
  • And SO much more.

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Tweetable Topics:

  • “People are settling for their reality rather than working to their full potential.” (Tweet This!)
  • “While you are writing your business plan, I’m in the marketplace building customers.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Success is my duty, my responsibility, and my obligation.” (Tweet This!)
  • “I buy existing properties that are already producing revenue- and then I do my magic with them.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Focus on what you want, every day.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Real estate is definitely a timing thing.” (Tweet This!)
  • “I don’t believe in diversification…Find the right vehicle and go all-in.” (Tweet This!)
  • “If you don’t know you made money on the day you bought it, that was a bad deal.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Whatever you are criticizing, it’s your problem not their problem.” (Tweet This!)
  • “If people don’t know who you are, you aren’t buying their property.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Every time I get money, I go broke again because I shove it into this real estate thing.” (Tweet This!)
  • “We are a renter-nation.” (Tweet This!)
  • “If you could get half the US population to hate you – you could be the President.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Success is the difference between my reality and my potential.” (Tweet This!)
  • “I’m not interested in ‘happy.’ I’m interested in ‘meaning.'” (Tweet This!)
  • “You’re going to have problems, what kind of problems do you want? I want big problems.” (Tweet This!)

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