BiggerPockets Podcast 133: Scaling Your Business From Scratch to $50 Million in Assets with Jason Cohen

BiggerPockets Podcast 133: Scaling Your Business From Scratch to $50 Million in Assets with Jason Cohen

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How does a new real estate investor go from zero properties to over 1,000 units in under a decade? Through careful scaling! That’s the topic on today’s BiggerPockets Podcast with guest Jason Cohen, an investor who has built a sizable portfolio utilizing systems, processes and people. You’ll learn about the financing strategies needed to make this adventure possible, as well as Jason’s incredible strategy for finding real estate deals that no one else is finding. Prepare to be blown away – this is one show for the record books!

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • What Jason Cohen does and the niche he targets
  • How he scaled from 7 units to a massive 148-unit business
  • The debacle he encountered with his first employees
  • How he achieved the first “right” hire
  • How many employees he has for his company
  • How he built systems to run such a huge business
  • Jason’s tips for getting started
  • Proven ways to find properties
  • How he grew his business in just 9 years
  • How he finances his real estate deals
  • The importance of building a good track record with the banks
  • Insight on mentorships
  • And SO much more!

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