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BiggerPockets Podcast 156: Lifestyle Engineering Through Commercial, Residential, and Vacation Rentals with Mark Spidell

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On this episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with Mark Spidell, an investor from the great state of Colorado, to discuss how he uses real estate to engineer his ideal lifestyle! We talk about partnering with family, investing out-of-state, buying small commercial buildings, owning vacation rentals, and much, much more! Not only will this episode entertain and inform you, it will also help you clarify your own investing plan so you can begin engineering your own perfect lifestyle!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • BiggerPockets Podcast ArtworkHow Mark got started through ADU
  • Why he went the vacation rental route
  • Where he currently invests
  • The benefits of lifestyle-focused investing
  • Tips for people with families
  • The qualitative and quantitative parts of his investing
  • What he’s learned from his first investments
  • How he weathered the market crash
  • How he was able to buy more after the crash
  • Tips for investing in commercial deals
  • How he financed his commercial property
  • A commercial banker’s perspective on applying for loan
  • The difference between commercial and residential financing
  • How to minimize risk on commercial property
  • The benefits of investing in commercial real estate
  • Why you should ask for help from attorneys when drawing up leases for commercial property
  • The ins and outs of being a landlord for commercial real estate
  • How to successfully mix commercial property and vacation rentals in your portfolio
  • How to find out what you’re good at and figure out which investing path to take
  • The art of lifestyle engineering
  • And SO much more!

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    Jovan Hardwick Flipper from Saint Petersburg, FL
    Replied 11 months ago
    One of my favorite podcast so far. Love everything about this episode. Great job at interviewing and getting Mark to explain a lot of key items about commercial real estate. I have save this episode for later! Keep up the great work.