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Building Hundreds of Homes to Sell or Rent with Cameron Skinner

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2 min read
Building Hundreds of Homes to Sell or Rent with Cameron Skinner

Today we’re excited to bring you an interview with a savvy investor who’s done over 500 deals — Cameron Skinner. Cameron got his start with new construction spec builds in the late 1990s and due to the changing economy created an interesting twist that we know you guys are going to just love. This episode is packed with incredible, actionable advice that will leave you shouting, “I’m totally going to do that strategy!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Cameron got started by partnering with someone
  • Why he started with new construction
  • Can anyone build to rent?
  • How to calculate capex and why it’s important
  • What exactly cost segregation is
  • How to get tax benefits now
  • How many deals Cameron has done so far
  • His experience during the crash
  • What you should know about how lease options work
  • When to seek professional advice regarding the laws in your area
  • How to know your market
  • Downsides of the build-rent strategy
  • Tricks for finding the best contractor
  • How he completed so many deals without picking up a hammer
  • How to keep an “investor mindset” to find the best deals
  • The importance of finding out your skill set
  • Why Cameron has no employees
  • The cost of tearing down a property
  • And SO much more!

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  • “I’m not worried about 20 years from now because I might be dead — so I want to take the tax benefits now.” (Tweet This!)

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