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Own income property, or do you just flip properties? No matter what you do, there are tax & legal implications. Discuss contracts, non-competes, non-disclosures, etc., as well as Self-Directed IRAs

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How much is a partnership agreement?
Started by Russ Brantley
2 Tiny 1437945830 avatar bhall005 Last post by Brandon Hall
15 minutes ago
how can my property have 2 liens against and I don't know?
Started by Elizabeth J Humphrey
5 Tiny 1398784765 avatar wheatie Last post by Jon Holdman
about 1 hour ago
No luck so far with non-recourse loan, need advice re options
Started by Beatrice Borges
4 Tiny 1439856499 avatar beatriceb Last post by Beatrice Borges
about 2 hours ago
CPA and Attorney in Seattle
Started by Josh Calcanis
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Mike R.
about 4 hours ago
Any success in getting the Tax bill down PRIOR to closing?
Started by Dean Hulsing
2 Tiny 1414525529 avatar fheller Last post by Fred Heller
about 10 hours ago
Tax deductions on partnership return for out-of-state investors
Started by Marvin Song
8 Tiny 1428034465 avatar lindaw9 Last post by Linda Weygant
about 10 hours ago
What tax documentation needed when paying referral
Started by Vilson Nikollaj
4 Tiny 1413652149 avatar vil realestate Last post by Vilson Nikollaj
about 12 hours ago
Is solo 401(K) + my LLC + Loan possible for RE investment ?
Started by Dev S.
2 Tiny 1399598633 avatar sensefinancial Last post by Dmitriy Fomichenko
about 20 hours ago
My tenant is filing for bankruptcy - chapter 7
Started by Dianne Pettitt
2 Tiny 1443206385 avatar matthewk20 Last post by Matthew Kreitzer
about 21 hours ago
LLC Questions
Started by Freeman Schultz
11 Tiny 1438651725 avatar bend16 Last post by Ben Dunavent
1 day ago
Cash out Refi of 1031 exchange
Started by David D'Ambrosio
14 No avatar tiny Last post by David D'Ambrosio
1 day ago
Ordinary business income vs. long term cap gain on K1
Started by Brian Klingbail
14 Tiny 1398871067 avatar ncarey Last post by Ned Carey
1 day ago
1040 Schedule E question
Started by Thomas Brady
4 Tiny 1443802924 avatar thomasb30 Last post by Thomas Brady
1 day ago
Naming IRA LLC
Started by William Allen
6 Tiny 1399500225 avatar djdietz Last post by Daniel Dietz
2 days ago
Loaning your own money to your own LLC?
Started by Chris Sciolino
26 Tiny 1399691702 avatar dawnscircles Last post by LAUREEN YOUNGBLOOD
3 days ago
Investing with a small SD-IRA?
Started by Chris Johnson
9 Tiny 1440642628 avatar adama10 Last post by Adam Anderson
3 days ago
Partner put only his name upon transferring title
Started by Ryan Haskell
12 Tiny 1444004031 avatar ryanh40 Last post by Ryan Haskell
3 days ago
Can I sue my listing broker? Do I stand a chance?
Started by Patricio Tellez-Giron
11 Tiny 1443034249 avatar ryani4 Last post by Ryan Inman
4 days ago
Reporting 1090-INT income on 1040 for single member LLC
Started by Todd Michael
4 Tiny 1426442742 avatar krazyrent Last post by Cameron Skinner
4 days ago
Fraudulent Income On Tax Transcript
Started by Chaliss Griffith
1 Tiny 1426442742 avatar krazyrent Last post by Cameron Skinner
4 days ago

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