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Own income property, or do you just flip properties? No matter what you do, there are tax & legal implications. Discuss contracts, non-competes, non-disclosures, etc., as well as Self-Directed IRAs

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Looking for a Louisiana CPA
Started by Paul Pritchett
1 Tiny 1423245436 avatar blsmith77 Last post byBraden Smith
6 minutes ago
Reverse Mortgage Help
Started by Byron Bohlsen
3 Tiny 1448388889 avatar bohlsen Last post byByron Bohlsen
about 1 hour ago
Depreciation: when do I get credit for initial purchase?
Started by Cameron Price
9 Tiny 1399311643 avatar davet Last post byDave Toelkes
about 1 hour ago
Transferring property to heirs
Started by Alexandra E Aponte
7 Tiny 1448387092 avatar matthewk20 Last post byMatthew Kreitzer
about 2 hours ago
LLC - Keeping your properties after a lawsuit
Started by Dylan Klidonas
1 Tiny 1448387092 avatar matthewk20 Last post byMatthew Kreitzer
about 2 hours ago
Who do you issue 1099s to?
Started by Brandon M.
16 Tiny 1398866209 avatar 423chandler Last post byMichael Rogers
about 3 hours ago
Looking for a CPA--How, Who???
Started by Samantha Torre
4 Tiny 1448388194 avatar vandalfan Last post byJonna Weber
about 4 hours ago
Selling property
Started by Brian Scheidlmeier
3 Tiny 1448388906 avatar rtpg1 Last post byRick Harmon
about 5 hours ago
looking for an Accountant in Maine; any referals
Started by Annette Ammarell
1 Tiny 1448388095 avatar bhall005 Last post byBrandon Hall
about 6 hours ago
Parents ... as the lender & bank in the state of colorado.
Started by John Dolph
1 Tiny 1448399197 avatar bills r Last post byBill S.
about 16 hours ago
Solo 401K for LLC and S-Corp
Started by Michael Hammond
8 Tiny 1448381821 avatar justwin Last post byJustin Windham
about 19 hours ago
Would you buy a Lead Abated property?
Started by Dinesh Thoniparambil
5 Tiny 1422763994 avatar danraposo Last post byDaniel Raposo
about 19 hours ago
Find an Attorney
Started by Chuck Stagliano
2 Tiny 1438999974 avatar chucks10 Last post byChuck Stagliano
about 22 hours ago
Looking for a lawyer in Kansas
Started by Dan K.
0 Tiny 1399676400 avatar bettersleep Last post byDan K.
about 23 hours ago
Primary residence owned outright, thanks to loan from parents... Question on paying them back...
Started by Kodi Rath
6 No avatar tiny Last post byJohn Dolph
1 day ago
HOA and First Right of Refusal Problem for Cash Buyer
Started by Matt M.
10 No avatar tiny Last post byJohn Dolph
1 day ago
How to create a LLC from out of state
Started by Julian L.
10 Tiny 1411258516 avatar kyle mn proud Last post byKyle Soderman
1 day ago
Collection Agency or Attorney in Virginia
Started by Seth M.
2 Tiny 1433219120 avatar sethm4 Last post bySeth M.
1 day ago
Passing property down to heirs
Started by Alexandra E Aponte
0 Tiny 1440266379 avatar alexandrae Last post byAlexandra E Aponte
1 day ago
Picking home state for an LLC
Started by Brian Camp
5 Tiny 1448387013 avatar csoignier Last post byChris S.
1 day ago

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