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Own income property, or do you just flip properties? No matter what you do, there are tax & legal implications. Discuss contracts, non-competes, non-disclosures, etc., as well as Self-Directed IRAs

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Do you need an LLC? Absolutely. There is No Debate About It.
Started by Jonathan Twombly
109 Tiny 1448397352 avatar bryanhancock Last post byBryan Hancock
29 minutes ago
Finding owner driving for dollars/tax lien foreclosure
Started by Qendrim Marku
10 Tiny 1448388825 avatar stevebabiak Last post bySteve Babiak
about 2 hours ago
New Porch Tax Implications (expense,capital,partial disposition)
Started by Greg D.
8 Tiny 1453250347 avatar eyebrowski Last post byGreg D.
about 3 hours ago
$500 safe harbor increased to $2,500 for taxpayers
Started by Steven Hamilton II
16 No avatar tiny Last post byDebra Richard
about 6 hours ago
Foreclosure Cost Basis
Started by Frank Sanchez
0 Tiny 1449519078 avatar franks23 Last post byFrank Sanchez
about 11 hours ago
Before going into Real does taxes work
Started by Steven Lee
1 Tiny 1399311643 avatar davet Last post byDave Toelkes
about 11 hours ago
Good CPA with REI experience
Started by Hattie Dizmond
0 Tiny 1411102009 avatar hdizmond Last post byHattie Dizmond
about 12 hours ago
Real Estate Tax Professional In Chicago Land?
Started by Marcin Chojnacki
1 Tiny 1399502465 avatar stevenhamilton Last post bySteven Hamilton II
about 12 hours ago
Renting from an LLC where I am a member
Started by Joshua Myers
1 Tiny 1453323317 avatar house helper Last post byJeff Robert
about 13 hours ago
LLC Filing
Started by Dinesh Thoniparambil
4 No avatar tiny Last post byDinesh Thoniparambil
about 15 hours ago
need some accounting advise!
Started by Brian Roberts
3 No avatar tiny Last post byLeon D.
about 16 hours ago
Need Help???
Started by Anthony Kondor
3 Tiny 1447784765 avatar sarahz2 Last post bySarah Ziehr
about 17 hours ago
NO Income Tax from BRR Strategy?
Started by Vladimir K.
1 Tiny 1399311643 avatar davet Last post byDave Toelkes
about 17 hours ago
LLC wrapped in S-corp, which Tax form do I use?
Started by William Howley
8 Tiny 1451581414 avatar williamh38 Last post byWilliam Howley
about 18 hours ago
Who holds the deposit when there are no agents?
Started by Sam Heck
2 Tiny 1448386058 avatar mindyjensen Last post byMindy Jensen
about 19 hours ago
Self Directed IRA Lesson Learned
Started by Dan Fisher
20 Tiny 1448381821 avatar justwin Last post byJustin Windham
about 20 hours ago
Started by Jamel Terry
2 No avatar tiny Last post byJamel Terry
about 20 hours ago
Setting up a SDIRA - Need help
Started by Jillian Johnson
4 Tiny 1448381821 avatar justwin Last post byJustin Windham
about 20 hours ago
Houston CPA
Started by Dusty Corning
10 Tiny 1448386218 avatar lsnewwest Last post byLyall Storandt
about 20 hours ago
Do I have to pay taxes on this???
Started by Rob Call
0 No avatar tiny Last post byRob Call
about 22 hours ago

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