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collection Agency Recommendations
First experience with someone not paying for services I provided. Any recommendations for a one time collection agency? I know they will take a significant portion of what is owed but seems to be the most... View more
LLC Amendment Needed?
Do we need to file an amendment with the state when we change business addresses? Our Articles of Organization lists our Registered Agent's address and nowhere does it lists our business address should legal process be... View more
California Dreaming (Entity addition)
I've been renting out a single family residence in San Bernardino county California for approx 8 years, and have been relying on insurance as my sole protection.I wanted to level up my asset protection game by creating... View more
Cedar Rapids accountant / tax person?
2020 was my first year owning investment property. I would love to meet with and hire a good accountant and /or tax professional who specializes in real estate investing. Previously, I had always used TurboTax for my... View more
Commercial property and Residential property in one LLC?
We have a commercial property under an LLC. Recently, we also purchased a residential lot (under the same LLC), where we plan to build a house and sell. Would you recommend we put them the two properties in separate... View more
S-Corp Filing Extension
If you elect an extension for S-corp, would you just estimate your K-1 for your tax return and then be forced to file an amendment after you complete the 1120s?
SDIRA - Operational Details and Costs.
I have been able to get adequate information on how to set up a SDIRA LLC and costs involved. However, what are the Federal and state l filings and operational considerations that need to be made each year? Also what... View more
New jersey attorney for lending paperwork review
I need to connect with some good new jersey atorney to review some closing loan paperwork for us as the lender. I would say 1-3 hours of work. If you know someone or are a attorney that deals with real estat contract... View more
Keeping of financial records
I am conducting some research for collecting data in order to better serve my real estate bookkeeping clients. If you can spare a few seconds, I'd love to hear your method for maintaining your financial records for... View more
CPA in Fort Worth Area
I'm looking for a good CPA in the Fort Worth area with real estate experience. I would prefer to find someone that can offer some guidance rather than just do the paperwork. Thanks in advance!
Seeking STR specific RE Tax Professional
I am in need of a real estate tax professional who is familiar with short term rental: pre-purchase, regs, and strategies. I have properties in FL and AL, but live in GA. Happy to work with them remotely, so location... View more
Incorporating LLCs & Registering When Out of State
I live in California, but have two properties out of state under my name. I'm wanting to move them to LLC(s), but getting conflicting answers from CPA and lawyers. Couple questions:* Should the LLC(s) be incorporated... View more
First Deal! Akron ohio
Alright bigger pockets BW p and l holdings closed on it's first duplex in akron small blip... 14% coc return annual return of approx 6k not getting depth. One existing a pain in the butt. (To be... View more
San Diego Tax Preparer
Hello, I have one SFH investment property and working on my second. Does anyone have any recommendations for a solid tax preparer who is located in San Diego County and experienced with real estate investors?
Tax-Deductible Expenses for General REI Activities
Hello,  I own one rental property and report income and expenses related to that property on schedule E.  However, I also have other expenses in connection with general real estate investment activities (not connected... View more
1031 Exchange Questions for CPA/Tax Prof
I've read several BP articles on 1031s and am left with a lot of questions: 1. What happens if the final investment property is converted into a primary residence and then after at least 2 more years sold as a primary ... View more
Start up real estate
A gentleman started a business with no idea what to do. So he told me about it and I decided to help. So this business is a real estate investment company and with about 75k in a business account I decided to build... View more
Converting 401k to SDIRAs
Question? Is it possible to roll a 401k that I self direct into a single SDIRA that would hold both traditional and Roth monies. Right now my 401k has both traditional and Roth money commingled in a single account... View more
Houston Real Estate Lawyer - advice for trust/LLC structures
Hi thereI have multiple single family and some comercial properties in Houston and surrounding area. I'm looking for the right advice to set up all the correct LLC's or a Trust. Can anyone please recommend a good legal... View more
Seeking an attorney regarding partnership for rental property
Hello,I am still in the process of preparing to purchase my first rental property. Most likely, I will be buying property in Chicago with a partner. Based on research I've done on BiggerPockets, it is recommended for... View more
New construction homes - est taxes
Anyone know how to estimate taxes on new construction homes? I’m going to purchase a new construction home and I want to estimate the taxes. Anyone know how I can estimate what e tax bill will be? This will be in South... View more
San Francisco RE Trust Attorney
Hello BP Forum Participants-My family is in search of a San Francisco/Bay Area based trust attorney (preferably familiar with real estate portfolios) to help guide us through the process of setting up a trust to hold... View more
ISO an attorney to draw up an operating agreement in Kansas city
As stated above. My attorney fell through and I need a mew one to be my advocate for a few deals I’m working on. Yes I know I could google it but I’d much rather get a referral from someone whose actually had a good... View more