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The 13 Best Real Estate & Personal Finance Podcasts Right Now

David Pere
6 min read
The 13 Best Real Estate & Personal Finance Podcasts Right Now

I love listening to podcasts!

A podcast is the most direct way to learn from experts in any given field. Think about it—many podcasts, particularly those related to real estate or personal finances, are structured like this: for 30 to 90 minutes, a guest takes you through their journey to become the successful person they are today.

They talk about failures and how they dealt with challenges. They talk about current struggles and what they’re doing to overcome them. They talk about what worked and what didn’t work for them along the journey.

By listening to podcasts, you can avoid many costly mistakes and streamline your own journey to success. And the best part is you can listen to them anywhere—in the shower, car (my favorite while commuting), walking down the street, cooking in the kitchen…literally anywhere!

But there are so many great real estate investing and/or personal finance podcasts out there. Where should you begin? Here I’ll break down some of my favorites for you!

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Real Estate Podcasts

Real estate investing is a great way to build wealth, but without a guide, it can be complex.

Want to become the next Manny Khoshbin, Grant Cardone, or Donald Trump? You need to listen to these real estate podcasts as frequently as possible!

The BiggerPockets Podcast – Brandon Turner and David Greene (and Josh Dorkin for the first ~250 episodes)

BiggerPockets Podcast

With over 50,000,000 downloads, the BiggerPockets Podcast is the most successful real estate podcast in the world.

I attribute much of my own success as a real estate investor to this very podcast. When I first became interested in real estate, I started listening to an episode every day on my commute. Since then, I’ve listened to almost all of the episodes that have been released!

My favorite episode was No. 281 (because I was a guest). Joking, of course. 

I can’t pick a favorite episode, because every week they come out with a new one that is just as amazing as the last.

If you like real estate investing—in any capacity—this podcast is for you!

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever – Joe FairlessBest Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Joe is an absolute beast. The Best Ever podcast (shorthanded) produces a new episode daily and currently has 1,740 episodes released. (I can’t imagine recording that many podcasts!)

I like this show because there is ALWAYS a new episode to listen to. With nearly 2,000 produced, Joe most likely has covered any real estate topic you’re curious about.

Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast – Ben Welch and Dan MackinThe Millennial Real Estate investor Podcast

I had the opportunity to appear as a guest on this show (episode No. 35), too, and really enjoyed the hosts.

I prefer shows with two knowledgeable hosts. It makes the flow of conversation better and allows for even better questions to be asked. That means better content for the listener!

Like the name implies, this podcast is geared toward millennials. So if you’re a young real estate investor, this podcast is for you.

The Military Millionaire Podcast – David PereThe Military Millionaire Podcast

The Military Millionaire is a real estate podcast specifically geared toward service members and the working class. It features many guests who are military real estate investors, including several who transitioned from active duty to civilian through real estate.

Yes, this means it discusses VA loan investment strategies, as well.

There are also several very successful real estate investors who got started in the working class.

The goal of this podcast is to show that with education (not formal), creativity, and grit, you can build wealth through real estate investing! You don’t have to start with a huge income or inheritance.

If you are in the military, this podcast is for you.

The Investor Mindset Podcast – Steven PesaventoThe Investor Mindset Podcast

This is a newer podcast, with only 16 episodes at the time of writing. However, they have already reached 20,000 downloads and are growing at an exponential rate!

Th Investor Mindset focuses 80 percent of their content on the motivation and mindset that leads to success and 20 percent on the investing strategies and tactics that will get you there.

I like this podcast because I believe mindset is incredibly important in order to become successful. Steven has already had some killer real estate investors on this show, and I look forward to watching it grow!

If you want to improve your investor mindset, this podcast is for you.

Personal Finance Podcasts

Personal finance is the foundation of real estate investing. Without understanding your own finances, it is very difficult to build (and keep) wealth. This is why most lottery winners find themselves broke very quickly.

For this reason, I recommend listening to personal finance podcasts, as well, in order to become well-rounded.

You want to build a foundation that allows your real estate income to compound without needing to draw on it to pay your personal bills.

BiggerPockets Money – Mindy Jensen and Scott TrenchBiggerPockets Money

The BiggerPockets Money show is newer than the real estate podcast, but they already have 75 episodes to date.

One of the most common questions real estate investors ask is, “How do I get started with no money or bad credit?”

This podcast talks about managing your personal finances and improving your credit score in order to build a solid foundation for investing.

They also talk about the financial independence retire early (FIRE) concept and how to obtain this by optimizing your personal finance behavior.

If you want to improve your finances or your credit score, this podcast is for you.

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Choose FI – Brad Barrett and Jonathan MendonsaChoose FI

With 130 episodes to date, the Choose FI show is one of the best-rated financial independence (FI) podcasts out there!

They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, building passive income, etc.

The goal of this podcast is to give simple, actionable steps in order to help you speed up the process of reaching financial independence.

If you want to obtain financial freedom, this podcast is for you.

Financial Freedom – Grant Sabatier

Financial Freedom

This show is all about the premise that “money is unlimited, time is not.”

The goal of the Financial Freedom show is to help you become financially independent as fast as possible. Guests share strategies for mastering money and living a meaningful life.

Grant reached financial independence and “retired” at the age of 30.

If you’re interested in reaching financial freedom at an early age, this podcast is for you.

What’s Up Next – Paul Thompson and Doc GWhat's Up Next

This podcast is different. I think that is why I like it.

It features a panel discussion with two hosts and two or three guests on each episode.

The guests are (usually) top influencers in the financial independence space that weigh in on questions that don’t have clear answers.

If you like to hear experts attempt to answer uncommon, difficult questions, this podcast is for you!


These podcasts don’t fit directly into the real estate/personal finance realm but are equally interesting to me!

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is an influencer in the online entrepreneur community. He hosts courses on building a business/brand, creating podcasts, affiliate marketing, etc.

I like this podcast because Pat Flynn was a large source of information for me when starting my online community. Pat has achieved massive success but has managed to keep things simple. He’s also never stopped helping “the little man.”

If you’re starting a blog, podcast, or community, this podcast is for you.

The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss (obviously)The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is probably best known for his book The 4-Hour Workweek. Tim has been referred to as “the world’s best human guinea pig” by Newsweek.

In this show, he hosts world-renowned guests from unique niches. He asks difficult questions to discover tips/tricks from these professionals that listeners can apply to their own lives.

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship or hearing about cool cultural differences across the world, this podcast is for you.

Jocko Podcast – Jocko WillinkJocko Podcast

This podcast is about leadership and discipline. The description of this show online is literally only three words: “leadership and discipline.”

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL Commander and bestselling author. His podcast is a wonderful gut-check for anybody looking to become a better leader.

If you want to take ownership of your life to become more disciplined and a better leader, this podcast is for you.

BiggerPockets Business – J and Carol ScottBiggerPockets Business

BiggerPockets Business Podcast is new and started with a bang.

They advertise this show as a real-world MBA, where entrepreneurs guide you through what it really takes to start, scale, and sell your own business.

I like this podcast because it brings everything together for entrepreneurs. It brings the same great quality that BiggerPockets brings to all of their podcasts and has already had some awesome guests, like BiggerPockets founder Josh Dorkin.

If you’re an entrepreneur (or aspiring to be one), this podcast is for you.

My Favorite Podcast

My favorite podcast is the one I’m listening to at that moment. I love any show that answers questions I have or adds value to my life. There are so many great podcasts and great episodes out there.

I recommend you try out every one on this list that sounds like it might be useful for you and figure out a way to fit podcasts into your daily life.

Listening will speed up your journey to success and allow you to speak the language of finance nerds, investors, and entrepreneurs alike!

What are you waiting for? Go download some podcasts!

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What else are you listening to that I didn’t mention?

List your favorites in a comment below!


Note By BiggerPockets: These are opinions written by the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of BiggerPockets.