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BiggerPockets Podcast 415: Studying Billionaires: The 3 Timeless Principles for Wealth with Stig Brodersen

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Ever wanted to know how Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett seem to invest with ease? Or how you can leverage and measure your risk to make billionaire financial decisions?

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On this episode, Stig Brodersen – investor, teacher, and host of the popular We Study Billionaires podcast – brings you his distilled wisdom on success, mindset, the stock market, and the 3 universal traits shared by ultra-elite investors  (and no, they don’t include flying first class or eating copious amounts of caviar).

Early on in his story, Stig found himself dissatisfied with his job and needing a change. So, he did what any rational person would do, and began studying billionaires starting from the top of the Forbes 400 list. He didn’t get far before he “found his fire,” discovering passion and community in studying the stock market and the most heralded investor of all time: Warren Buffett.

He has since interviewed hundreds of guests on his podcast, and unearthed countless pearls of wisdom that he shares with you in this episode.

You might be thinking: “They’re interviewing a stock market investor on a real estate podcast?” Yes, and any real estate investor could learn a thing or two!

As a practiced student of the financial markets, Stig calls out all-too-common mistakes made by new investors, and shares a blueprint for you to use to determine if and how to get started in the markets, regardless of experience.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The 3 timeless traits of billionaires
  • Why real estate investors should “cross-train” in the stock market
  • Assessing best- and worst-case scenarios
  • Why you need to “resonate” with your chosen asset class
  • Why real estate is an asymmetric bet with high reward for relatively small risk
  • How to get into investing in the stock market with little-to-no experience
  • Common mistakes of new stock market investors
  • How a BiggerPockets member saved Stig’s life on an overseas trip (really!)

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Connect with Stig:

Real strategies that work for real people seeking to build wealth through real estate investments. Co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this podcast provides actionable advice from investo...
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    Julie Marquez Investor from Seattle, WA
    Replied 13 days ago
    I really liked the quick tip of this episode about Brandon refinancing his current home and that you should also be looking at perfecting what you have instead of doing lots of work for something more. With all the information about growing and scaling and having more and more, I need to hear that it's okay to live with the abundance that I already have and make it better. Still, a brilliant episode, I'll probably have to listen again because it was entertaining and noteworthy!