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Bonus Audiobook Excerpt: The House Hacking Strategy

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Here’s a sample of the audio format of The House Hacking Strategy: How to Use Your Home to Achieve Financial Freedom by BiggerPockets’ own Craig Curelop.

In it, you’ll hear:

  • An overview of the “unfair advantages” house hacking offers
  • A breakdown of varying house hacking techniques
  • A real-life case study illustrating the above

You can find the full audiobook here

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Real strategies that work for real people seeking to build wealth through real estate investments. Co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this podcast provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals, who chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned.

    Nicole Fullard
    Replied 30 days ago
    Watched the podcast yesterday and it was eye-opening! Thank you so much for sharing!