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Buy and Hold Real Estate—What Works and What Doesn’t with Tim Shiner

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Buy and Hold Real Estate—What Works and What Doesn’t with Tim Shiner

A lot of people want to invest in rental properties, but a lot of people also fail when they jump in. Why? That’s the topic on today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, where we sit down with Tim Shiner to learn his story of going from zero to over 150 units and the lessons he picked up along the way. You’ll hear some incredible strategies for getting unicorn deals when there are multiple offers, the #1 most important characteristic Tim looks for when buying a property, and why he focuses primarily on “higher end” rental houses. You’ll love all the humor, wisdom, and knowledge Tim brings to the show, so sit down, relax, and be prepared to learn!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How he got started buying quality real estate
  • What makes his location special
  • Why he doesn’t have a real estate license
  • The importance of looking at the “horizon” and the end goal
  • A discussion on diversification on investments
  • The story of the “big white card board
  • Why you should focus on what you are better at
  • Tips for finding mentors
  • The details on his 140 deals
  • Insight into the debate on high-end vs. low-end properties
  • Why he loves appreciation
  • Tips for partnering with your significant other
  • A discussion on buying your kid a property
  • How he finds deals
  • Why you should set a goal, achieve it, and reward yourself
  • And SO much more!

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  • “Nobody cares as much about your investments as much as you do.” (Tweet This!)
  • “The goal is to get as many checks coming in the mail as possibly as you can.” (Tweet This!)
  • “If you have a strong enough ‘why’ while you invest, that will plow your way.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Set a goal, achieve it, and reward yourself.” (Tweet This!)

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