Matt DeBoth

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Matt DeBoth is an active real estate investor and veteran. Matt only put money down on his first deal and currently BRRRRs apartment complexes.

Matt DeBoth is a Marine Corps veteran who served from 2003-2011 as Force Recon Marine, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. During his last combat deployment, Matt purchased a 20-unit apartment complex and house hacked it upon his exit from the service.

Matt currently invests in the Midwest and owns a portfolio of 142 rental units. Since 2011, he has flipped 25-plus rental units, as well as BRRRRed multi-million dollar apartment buildings, all while using traditional funding from banks.

Recently, Matt has started a full rehab on a 48-unit apartment building located in Des Moines, Iowa. Additionally, he sold his laundromat and started repositioning his portfolio to hold mid- to large-sized apartment buildings. Working as the general contractor and asset manager for his portfolio, Matt has found his expertise lies in value-add appreciation and creative financing.

Matt currently hosts a local real estate meetup and uses his free time to help educate others on real estate investing. Being a part of multiple mastermind groups, reading investment books, and being a podcast junkie, Matt views himself as a lifelong student.

He lives in Iowa with his wife, three kids, and two German Shepherds.

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