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27 Interior & Exterior Preventative Maintenance Tasks for Rentals

Brandon Turner
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27 Interior & Exterior Preventative Maintenance Tasks for Rentals

In addition to fixing problems when they happen, there is another category of repair that as a landlord, you’ll need to make sure gets done: preventative maintenance.

In other words, these are tasks that need to be accomplished on a regular basis, usually annually, whether or not anything is broken. They are preventative measures, not necessarily repairs.

Accomplishing these projects annually will keep your property’s future repair needs to a minimum and allow your property to run like a well-oiled machine. It will help you save money over time, because you’ll spot problems before they become an issue. I recommend giving the following list to your handyman once a year for each unit you own.

Keep in mind, this list is just a sample of some of the ongoing property maintenance you may need to do. Not all will apply to your property, and your property may have additional concerns. But this is a good place to start.


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27 Interior & Exterior Preventative Maintenance Tasks for Rentals


  • Change furnace filters (probably more than once per year)
  • Vacuum dust from fridge coils
  • Replace smoke detector batteries
  • Check to make sure carbon monoxide detector is installed and working
  • Sweep the fireplace
  • Ensure that lint from the dryer vent has a clear path to outside
  • Flush water heater
  • Check expiration date on fire extinguisher
  • Repair any broken grout or caulk in bathroom
  • Tighten any handles, knobs, racks, etc.
  • Remove showerheads and clean sediment
  • Check weather stripping on all doors and windows, and repair as needed

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  • Clean gutters and remove all leaves and junk from inside
  • Check siding and roofing for visible signs of problems
  • Check sump pump and make sure it is still operational
  • Test garage door opener, including auto-reverse function
  • Check window screens and repair as necessary
  • Look for signs of termites or other bugs
  • Check trees for power line interference
  • Recaulk any doors or windows as needed
  • Trim up the landscaping
  • Inspect the crawl space; look for bugs and water leaks
  • Touch up peeling or damaged paint
  • Fertilize the lawn
  • Close off any openings to the crawlspace
  • Check water valves (in both the fall and spring)
  • Wash exterior with garden hose and mildew cleaner

By executing this preventative maintenance checklist each year, you will be able to catch problems before they become expensive fixes while at the same time keeping your property looking great. Plus, your tenants will appreciate your dedication in helping their home look and operate the best.

It’s a true win-win.

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Any tasks you’d add to this list?

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