Stop Begging for Mentors (Do THIS Instead!)

Stop Begging for Mentors (Do THIS Instead!)

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Mitch Messer

Mitch Messer is a real estate acquisitions expert who partners with out-of-state and overseas investors to build high-performance rental portfolios.

Mitch began real estate investing in 1999 and by 2006 had amassed a rental portfolio valued at over $6 million. Then, in 2007, Mitch was promptly and utterly crushed when the real estate bubble burst and Great Recession occurred—he had to begin again. Fortunately, thanks in large part to his world-class professional network, Mitch has rebounded wiser and stronger with an international investment operation backed by over a million dollars in private lender funds.

Today, Mitch works with investors from New York City to San Francisco to Houston, from South Korea to Israel to France, helping them acquire and manage high cash flow real estate across the U.S.

Mitch joined BiggerPockets in January 2014 and has since become a prolific contributor. Thanks directly to his activities on BiggerPockets, Mitch has closed well over $500K in purchase and sale transactions, added over 400 investors to his buyers list, and attracted over 100 serious out-of-state and international investors. His first ever member blog post has risen to become one of the top five posts of all-time!

Mitch has landed coverage in numerous print and broadcast outlets, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, U.S. News & World Report, Black Enterprise Magazine and WSB-Radio.

Mitch holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT and a master’s in computer science from The University of Southern California.


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I saw a post this morning on BiggerPockets that nearly made me want to cry:

“I’m looking for a mentor who can assist me with wholesailing [sic].”

That was it; that was the entire post.

Let’s look beyond the glaring typo—glass houses and all that. And I’m not even going to engage on why this is an entirely ineffective post that violates nearly ALL of the no-nos I wrote about in my 2018 blog post “Top 5 Reasons We Pros are TOTALLY Ignoring Your BP Forum Questions.”

Here’s my question: What if this approach actually worked?! What kind of person likely would respond to this desperate cry for help?

If you were a serious, successful real estate investor, wise and knowledgeable and kind, is this the person you would choose to shower your considerable gifts upon?

Nope! Never in a million years!

So, who are the people who hear this plaintive call and come running?

The predators: the fake gurus, shady operators, and outright criminals who prey upon newbies, stealing their money, wasting their time, and leaving them broken and demoralized.


And, believe me, the jackals are out there—even right here on BiggerPockets. Perhaps especially here, because this is where their prey comes to feel safe.

The problem isn’t asking for help. The original poster (OP) simply did so in a way that is GUARANTEED to scare off the very superstars they were trying to engage, while attracting bad actors like a MAGNET!

Fortunately, there’s a simple four-step approach to effectively enlisting complete strangers in your cause.

So, let’s help OP rewrite this post to make it IRRESISTIBLE to A-team players.

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4-Step Approach to Attracting Quality Mentors

Step 1: The Intro

If you truly want help from a busy BiggerPockets investor, you need to show you’re worth helping. You do that by demonstrating that you’ve already taken steps on your own to get educated on the topic, in this case “wholesaling.”

I’ve already read <insert Book Name 1 here> and <insert Book Name 2 here>, and I’ve listened to BiggerPockets Podcast episodes 1 through 100!

Step 2: The Bait

Education is fine, but taking action is what separates the achievers from the wannabes. Show that you know how to put knowledge to work.

I talk to five sellers a day, but I need a little guidance.

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Step 3: The ONE Ask

Ask for one specific thing and one thing only! Once you get it, go as far as you can with it. When you get stuck or hit a road-block, only then post again asking for the next thing.

Can someone help me with getting a valid purchase agreement in Georgia?

Two adult male friends sit talking over coffee outside cafe

Step 4: The Hook

Zig Ziglar famously said that the way to get everything you want is to help others get what they want. (You should always listen to people named “Zig.”) So, put some kind of compelling incentive (either recognition or money or both) in your post.

If you can help me, I promise to sing your praises here on BiggerPockets the minute I get a deal under contract, if you want. Plus, when I complete my first wholesale transaction, I commit to pay $500 to your favorite charity!

My Guarantee

So there you have it. My foolproof system for getting loads of helpful assistance from strangers!

And here’s my guarantee: If you sincerely try this and don’t get at least one expert to come forward and offer some assistance, hit me up here on BiggerPockets. I’ll either help you myself or point you in the direction of someone who will!

Why? Because Zig told me to!

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Do you agree with the steps I’ve outlined above? 

Let’s talk below.