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1/2 way through year 2 of being a licensed RE pro

Hooray to everyone for the finishing out the first half of 2014!!!

This is my second year as a licensed real estate professional in Rochester NY.

Year one out of the gate was a little slow, but I managed to close around 1.7 million over 17 transactions over the course of 2013.  Now, we've completed the first two quarters of 2014 and I've already surpassed 2013 in both number of transactions and volume.  With today's closing I've crossed 2.5MM

Since becoming licensed, my education has been in hyper drive.  I knew I had an advantage over other new agents coming from the investment side of the business, and now I know that no matter how much you think you know about RE investment, there is just way too much to sink your teeth into! There could never be a "guru" of real estate, even the gurus have their own gurus!!

I would like to give a special shout out to all the wonderful Rochester brokers that have supported me by answering my calls at odd times on weekends and evenings.  Bigger pockets is a great resource, but there really is no substitute for a strong local network of mentors.  I would also like to remind all those readers, that it isn't only the industry professionals whom we learn from.  I have learned some of the greatest lessons from clients with whom I represented.  

I love negotiating because of it's complexity and strategic nature.  Working for others that are as passionate as I is a rare treat, and I consider it a blessing when it happens.  Like everyone else that wants to be a successful negotiator, I've read up on all the tactics, opinions, ideas, strategies, stories, and the like but in real life the art is living it, and feeling it, and believing in it.  Never give up, and always consult as much as you can from as many as you can at each and every opportunity you have.  You will learn so much that will serve you so well!  

OK, 45 minutes and we're into the third quarter!  

It's just like Poker.  You can learn what you're supposed to do, but you can't just know it, you have to BE it!

As Doyle Brunson would say, "All you need is a chip and a chair!"

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  1. Tiny 1404776139 avatar lorikeepsitreal

    Wow,talk about big, I would love to someday write similar words. Unfortunately my career has been on halt for far too long. I could of been in my second year but I must pass the National exam. 

    Being on this site gives me encouragement.

    Reading your story is testimony that the Real Estate business can really work.

    I agree having local mentors is a good thing. I hope to gain mentors and network. Even now as I attempt to take the exam,I would like to assist those already in the business.