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Non Performing Notes for sale

Well its that time again to dive into NPN's ( non performing notes ).

As a REO Realtor, I run across Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Banks, and Private Sellers who have Nationwide Non Performing Notes for sale.

I don't mess around with Chains and People who think they have access to something.  I only market what My Contacts from the REO industry are giving me.

Typically each month I have access to 200-500 1st Lien, Non Performing Notes that are Conventional Mortgages.

What can you Expect with my NPN's  - Non Performing Notes ?

- 1st Lien

- Residential Discounted

- Fresh BPOs

- Utilities Verified

- Taxes Verified

- Fresh Title Reports

- 10 to 50% below BPO Value

As with anything, there is a Confidentiality agreement, and a fee agreement between the buyer and myself.  

I will initially provide the investor the following:

- Reference # for the Loan

- Type of Loan (typically Conventional)

- City & State

- BPO Value

- Maturity Date

Once you have located the Non Performing Notes that you may have interest in, You will begin the Vetting Phase.


Because of the sensitive borrower information revealed, all buyers are vetted for criminal background check.  The turn around time is typically less than 24 hours.

Once that is complete, you will have access to view all info on the NPNs.

You will then Submit your Bid.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I have closed many NPNs for Investors.  These can be cherry picked, or purchased in larger packages.  Typically I see BPO Values ranging from $9,000 to over $750,000.

We can chat further about exit strategies and I can provide you with a great excel spreadsheet that will generate all exit strategies to show you which will provide the greatest return on the non performing notes.

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    Looking for performing and non performing as well [email protected]

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    I have investors looking to buy performing or NPN any price range. I can be reached at

    [email protected] or [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.

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    I am interested in buying notes for anyone who is selling.  Please email me at [email protected]  Thanks!

  4. Tiny 1415034655 avatar liquidators

    Hi, I would like to buy NPNs in MN only. Will make a buying decision within 1 hour f you submit a title report and within 48 hours if you don't have a title report

  5. Tiny 1441941974 avatar chadh14

    I have a non performing 2nd position note for sale in Fayetteville, Ga, if someone is interested or know of someone who is buys non performing notes. 

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    I Have about 1000 doors for sale in Atlanta , ga and in Florida (Jax and Pensacola) if you are interested to Buy NPN please Get ready to get Vented with LOI and POF and some Great looking Bio of you and Your company. Thank you

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      I am from Orlando and am interested in one offs in that area.

      [email protected]

  7. Tiny 1399717244 avatar rjizack

    Hi Tim, I'm intereted in conversing with you in regards to your notes. Please email me at [email protected]

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    I have been brokering notes since 2006. Now my investment company,Rosetti Properties & Investments LLC, Biloxi, MS, purchase non-performing notes and then sell the property to an end cash buyer, usually within 3o days. DO you have any notes from the Mississippi Gulfcoast? Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, etc? or the Mobile, Foley, Robsertdale, Gulf Shores area? If you do, please let me look at them. Right now this is where we are buying and selling at. Thanks, Karen Rosetti a bbb accreditated business

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    I am interested in buying nonperforming notes. How do I get in touch with you? Please email me at [email protected] Thank you.

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    How do in touch with you about the notes you have for sale?

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    Tim - I am interested in NPNs in MD, VA and DC if available. Please send the vetting documents to me at [email protected]

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      Just sent you an email. Thanks.

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    Tim, I have buyers interested in notes for SFRs and M/F properties in NV, AZ, TX, FL, GA, NC and CA. Are the opportunities that come across tyour desk, one-at-a-time notes or bulk?

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      Ron, Both. Single Notes and Bulk Purchase opportunities. Nothing Major (i don't see 100M packages as I deal with the more common notes through my asset managers and defaulted loan to reo divisions at the banks).

    2. Tiny 1399511599 avatar williamfp3

      I do offer NPN in various states by bulk at 19% ltv. If any interest, please contact me williamfp3 @ hotmail

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    Do you ever get NPNs on multifamily properties (75+ unites)? If so, I'd like to receive info on those. Thank you.

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      Dan sometimes I do. When I See these come across I will let you know. Any specific area?

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    Hazel, I work with a lot of Canadian Note Investors. The simple trick is this: When doing your homework on notes, you work with a professional in the area (usually offer a small fee (typically $50-75) to do a check on the property, offer their opinion of true market value, and do a drive by evaluation with pictures. We do this through local real estate agents, with the idea that if you purchase the note, they will get the business when it comes time to sell or rent that property. We do assist all our note buyers in determining the best exit strategy, and successful completion of the strategy. I buy notes myself, so I understand the process very well, rather than typical companies that have no experience in actually owning a Note. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.

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    I am in Canada and interested in the process of buying notes. Can his be done reliably without ever looking at the home or being in the U.S. and still make profits? I do have an idea of some exit strategies but would need assistance to execute. Is there assistance for this?

    1. Tiny 1399582915 avatar georgede

      I'm presently buying NPN, I'm always looking for new sources where to buy, can you contact me at [email protected] Thank you, George