Posted over 7 years ago

Dead Beat Tenants... One Way to Inform The World

Have you ever wondered how you inform the world of your experience with a dead beat tenant?

Well... one person in Maine has demonstarted one way of doing just that.

Watch this short video... which I put together to create a learning moment for everyone.

To Your Success...


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  1. Tiny 1398788643 avatar runum

    This is classic, thanks for sharing this with us Peter.

  2. Tiny 1448397352 avatar bryanhancock

    It is amazing to me that the law allows people to steal rent from landlords and they throw people in jail for stealing a candy bar. This has always baffled me! THESE PEOPLE SHOULD GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL....DO NOT COLLECT $200...STRAIGHT TO JAIL!

  3. Tiny 1399356073 avatar inmountains

    Wow, good for that landlord. Getting $4,000 behind in rent would only take 31 days for me on some of my rentals. And California is a very tenant friendly state, I don't think I have ever got an eviction done in less than 60 days, which would make them $6,000 behind in rent. But if you do pursue it, you can get a judgment. I am still getting a $90 check a week from a cheap Tulare, California rental that I evicted the renters from in 2007, direct from the County Sheriff's Office.

  4. Tiny 1399375228 avatar peterg

    James, I did speak briefly to the owner... he wanted to know what I was doing taking the video. In hindsight I should have had a more in depth conversation with him regarding the circumstances... and how he allowed himself to get into that position. That would have been the real story! Maybe I'll drive down there next week and see if I can have that conversation and then post the results.

  5. Tiny 1399287529 avatar crosswind

    WOW! Pretty funny. I can not believe that anyone would let a tenant get $4000 behind.

  6. Tiny 1399427563 avatar spicer

    Wow, I can not believe some landlord put those signs up. Good for him!! I second that advise. Tenants are great at telling you "Just one more day....." stand tough and get the notice on their door right away. I

  7. Tiny 1399375228 avatar peterg

    Josh... while the video does offer some great advice... those signs just made my day. The owner stepped out to see what we were doing, I think he must have had others give him some grief. I just gave him a big thumbs up and told him "great signs".

  8. Tiny 1491858518 avatar biggerpo

    Great tip on NEVER getting $4,000 behind or anywhere close to that . . . that's just a formula for disaster. You must stay on top of your tenants, as you said, and get them out of there before losses pile up like this. (If you've got a high end rental, this may be unavoidable, though) As for the signs, I've never seen anything like that before. I'm not sure the neighbors would appreciate it, and I don't think potential tenants would find it as an incentive to move in. Finally, as you said, I think there are better methods of reporting them than this . . . I'll leave it at that. Beautiful beach, BTW.