BiggerPockets REI Summit 2012 is Coming!

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Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, Colorado

Nov 18 '11, 11:35 AM
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Here we go . . . this thing is official.

BiggerPockets REI Summit 2012 will be taking place in Denver Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center on March 23-24.

This will be an incredible educational, networking, and dealmaking event, and we promise NO "back of the room" speakers

Please save the dates. We will be putting tickets for sale in the next few days on our conference website:

We will also be keeping you in the loop with the latest developments, including speakers, schedules, events on the website.

Once we place the tickets for sale, please be sure to book your room at the hotel, where we negotiated great rates for you. We will provide a reservation phone number and a link on the conference website where you can book. More details soon . . .

Also, please follow and tweet about the event using the hashtag #bgrpkts

Help us spread the word and lets make this the most amazing event for real estate investors and professionals out there!

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Medium 1415904854 avatar anson Anson Young
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Anson Young Verified Video

from Denver, Colorado

Nov 18 '11, 11:42 AM

I'm there!! Glad this is in my backyard, but I would travel for it too. Great location, I'm at another conference there at the end of the year (non RE).

Medium anson property group copyAnson Young, Anson Property Group
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Medium 1403845902 avatar allstar Danny Day
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Danny Day

Home Builder from Houston, Texas

Nov 18 '11, 11:44 AM

Wow this is great. BP conference on my birthday. Can't wait!

Medium 1399586874 avatar juttwright Justin Wright
Wholesaler from Durham, NC
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Medium 1399394541 avatar jvermillionaf James Vermillion
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Medium 1399568876 avatar kathy v Kathy V.
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Kathy V.

Involved In Real Estate from Rochester, New York

Nov 18 '11, 12:47 PM

How exciting!! Might be "do"able....would love to meet many of you in person!!

Medium 1399462280 avatar jojoboi Johnson H.
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Medium 1399049632 avatar forwardwin Ray Johnson
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Medium 1435198577 avatar slackadelic Mark Updegraff
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Mark Updegraff Verified Video Donor

from Rochester, New York

Nov 18 '11, 03:40 PM

Woot Woot! Can't wait as well :D

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Medium 1399407559 avatar cashboy2010 Michael G.
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Michael G.

Investor from Bay Shore, New York

Nov 18 '11, 04:22 PM

Congrats to you and whoever helped you put this event together!

I'm dying to see who the speakers will be.

I hope I can make it!

Medium 1398788643 avatar runum Greg B.
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Medium 1399292835 avatar venomousviper Rich Weese
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Rich Weese Donor

Real Estate Investor from sioux falls, South Dakota

Nov 18 '11, 08:23 PM

Good job Josh. I know how difficult it is to put these things on. Please remember some of us are still horse and buggy type- no twitter, facebook etc. Keep it simple for some of us. Look forward to being there and seeing some faces and hearing some speakers.Rich

Medium 1399308243 avatar cucaloco Steve L.
Investor from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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Steve L.

Investor from Rancho Cucamonga, California

Nov 18 '11, 09:08 PM

Hopefully, I can make it. I probably would need to find my winter coat.

Medium 1398851488 avatar dasin2060 David Wedemire
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Medium 1399400543 avatar joeywang Joey Wang
Contractor from Emeryville, CA
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Medium 1451104997 avatar michaelquarles Michael Quarles
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Michael Quarles Video Donor

Investor from Bakersfield, California

Nov 19 '11, 01:55 PM

Careful Josh.

Some of us are stage hogs. (me included). Actually taking about marketing would be fun. Problem that you'll have is if you limit the back of the room then some won't fly over to speak. There is a fine line between selling and educating. Most promotes are so concerned with the 25% they'll make that greed interferes with quality.

If you have any reservations on speakers I would ask Bill Tanner out of San Diego for his list of not selling quality speakers.

Updated: 02:26PM, 11/19/2011

Sorry for the friggin spelling errors..

Edited Nov 19 2011, 14:26

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Medium 1448324338 avatar curt Curt Davis
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Curt Davis Verified Video

Residential Real Estate Agent and Turnkey Provider from Memphis, Tennessee

Nov 19 '11, 02:55 PM

Get Joel Bauer to speak, incredible speaker.

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