Rental Screening Criteria

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In Washington State, you must present each potential applicant with your rental screening criteria (aka acceptance policy). I am fine tuning my form for our C/B class apartments and am wondering what is best: a page of general things, or a super specific criteria? Our applicant pool is not coming up the greatest and I'd like to prevent so much turnover in the future. While our apartments are not designed to attract the cream of the crop, do I create a criteria that demands better, or just be a little more loose and general? To all the PMs, how specific do you get?

Super specific:

Kind of more general:

@marcia maynard shared a good one:

What you consider "super specific" looks best to me and is similar to what I provide on my web site. Providing your screening criteria keeps you out of hot water with discrimination complaints (assuming you abide by it) and weeds out a lot of riff-raff.

@Nathan G. Thanks so much for the response, as I write it and it makes sense to me to be very specific and has already made it easier for me to get the better tenant.

I love your scoresheet! How has that worked for you? It seems to take away the human opinion and discretion. Your website is very helpful!

I have added (suggested) after some of my requirements in fear of scaring people off.   At the same token, scaring them off, help weed out the problem people.   I do have score sheet as well.

@Maurice Cariaso Did you check out @Nathan G. 's website? So much great information there! One of my new favorite line items is that your new rent can't be more than 25% more than your previous rent.

@Jim Adrian So far I've scared off a lot of applicants, but I guess that's better than getting a bad one and doing this turnover thing again in two months. Score sheet is new for me, I'll look into that more too.