Gaithersburg, MD Meeting?

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I'm looking for a group that wants to meet up in the Gaithersburg, MD area (southern Germantown and northern Rockville ok). I am aware of other meet-ups over by BWI, in Baltimore, etc but the closest one I can find is over an hour away (with no traffic). Typically my weekends are spent with family and weekday travel in the evening outside of the area is brutal. I'm looking for something 10 minutes or so from the house where I can meet up with other investors for an hour or two in the evening.

I'm not looking for anything formal. In fact, quite the opposite. Casual attire of course. Jeans, T-shirt, Hat, whatever. I'm looking for a small group that can meet somewhere once a month or so (maybe at a restaurant/bar over a beer and food?). In fact, I don't want to do anything other than set the date/place each time we go out for the next meetup. No agenda or anything, just a group of real estate investors who can get together and talk about investing and learn from each other.

Any interest? Or maybe this already exists and I just don't know about it?

Updated about 2 years ago

We are now utilizing to track our meetings. Instead of messaging me your info, please join the meetup group, that's where all information and communication will take place.

Updated over 2 years ago

Just an update so you don't have to read through the whole thread. We meet the first Tuesday of every month in Gaithersburg at 8pm. For more details, please message me your e-mail and I'll add you to the list.

Search "Meetup" there are a lot of small meetup groups. You can certainly start one yourself. There may be a need in your area as I know there are a number of members here from Montgomery county and Gaithersburg specifically

I do have to say something though. If you are not willing to drive an hour or make time to go to network with more experienced investors then how do you expect to be successful in real estate?

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Originally posted by @Ned Carey :
I do have to say something though. If you are not willing to drive an hour or make time to go to network with more experienced investors then how do you expect to be successful in real estate?

Ned, that's kind of a leap to say someone can't be successful in real estate if they aren't willing to do certain things. Success is relative and means different things to everyone. Maybe I can't become a billionaire if I'm not willing to give my life to it, but that's ok with me. I have priorities ahead of real estate and I realize that means I may not make as much as I could if I chose to put real estate above all else. I personally want to put my kids to bed every night that I can and that means I can't commit to something that starts at their bedtime and is an hour away. Down the road that may change but that's my situation right now. If that is being "unsuccessful" in real estate, then I'm fine with being an unsuccessful real estate investor.

Now with that being said, please don't turn this thread into a different conversation. I'll be forced to abandon it and start over.....

Actually @Justin B. you are right. I should have checked you profile before commenting. You already are an active RE investor. If you were new I would stand by my assessment. Your philosophy and mine are a lot closer than you would expect.

However there are many new investors that think they can get started without making the effort.

Good ulck in finding a group that fits you vision. you might try setting up keyword alerts for "Gaithersburg" and make collegues with other local investors.

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Just bumping this up to see if there is any interest.

Hi Justin,

I've been away from the site for a little while and came across just came across this thread. I live in in Gaithersburg myself and am relatively still a newbe investor. I'm sure there are other investors in the area but I'm with you I haven't been able to find something I can attend due my job, family or what not. I wouldn't mind meeting up with you over dinner/drinks and bounce ideas off each other.

I will send a connect request.

Thanks for reaching out.

Hey Justin,

I am in Rockville and would also love an investor meetup.  Most of the good meetups tend to be on the east side of DC, or way up in Hagerstown.  I would certainly be interested in getting together for one somewhere between Chevy Chase and Frederick along the 270 stretch.

Russ Brazil

(301) 893-4635

[email protected]

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I'm thinking about putting a monthly (or at least quarterly) meeting together in the Gaithersburg, MD area.  If you're interested, send me a message with your e-mail and preference of monthly vs quarterly.  Once I get 5 or so people interested, we'll set something up.

Justin, I'd be interested in joining in on the meeting. I used to go to REI groups in Denver and found the networking very helpful when connecting folks. Keep me updated

I am in Urbana/ Gaithersburg everyday.  I would most certainly be interested.  Have a few local projects going as well so would love to connect and trade ideas.    

[email protected] | 301‑466‑7432

So far I've got a total of 6 people interested.  Is there anyone else?  I'm putting this together monthly starting in January (so everyone can get through the holidays).  I've got enough to justify setting something up.  I've got e-mails for everyone interested so I'll keep everyone up to date.

I would be interested in attending a local meetup.  Set a time and I will try to make it.  I live in Rockville but anywhere nearby is fine. - Chris 

I'm interested.  Office in Chevy chase.  Live in fairfax county.  

I'd be interested in this as well. I live in Washington DC. I'm pretty new to the real estate investing but I really wanted to get started somewhere. Not sure if you are looking for seasoned REIs or you are also open to newbies like me? 

Message me you're e-mails if you haven't already.

@Justin B.  Are you still planning on setting this up for January? I believe I already sent you my contact info but want to make sure I don't miss the meetup. Looking forward to it.

@Marc M.  Yea, I'm just waiting until the holidays pass.  Lots going on plus the family (including me) all got sick so look for something next week.  I've got your e-mail. and I'll post here too.

Originally posted by @Justin B. :

@Marc M. Yea, I'm just waiting until the holidays pass.  Lots going on plus the family (including me) all got sick so look for something next week.  I've got your e-mail. and I'll post here too.

 Great, looking forward to meeting some other BP members!

Please include me. I'm in Clarksburg.

@Justin B. I'd definitely like to attend. I'm in Odenton. 

I was literally looking for this thread about 30 min ago to bump it and couldn't find it, thought it had been deleted.  Glad it's still up and hopefully Justin's still willing to set this up.

Yep, still planning on it.  The wife just had knee surgery so our planning our first meeting for the first Tuesday in Feb at 8pm.  Send me your e-mail if you haven't already and I'll let everyone know the place in just a few days.

I am a newbie investor based in DC and would definitely be interested in attending your February meet up.  I will send my email.

Thanks for organizing this!