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@Jake Marin @Blair Knowles

I may not be around on 3/13, but if I am, I'd be game for a drink. We can also invite some of the group we keep in contact with regularly.

@Jay Mitiguy when are you going to be around? Just throwing out dates. 

I'm planning on heading south for a couple weeks starting some time towards the end of this week. I'm thinking I'll be back in VT maybe on the 13th, but most likely the 14th. Any time before or after works for me

Let’s shoot for that Friday the 15th. Does Richmond make sense for you? If you have anyone else that would be interested, let’s send out an invite. 

Yeah that would probably work for me. My cell is 8o2-324-85oo. Feel free to shoot me a text or call me 

Absolutely. the more the merrier!

Excellent! Friday, March 15th at Hatchet in Richmond. Let’s say 5pm. 

Hi Everyone, I'm also interested in tagging along. I haven't met enough investors in VT yet, so I'd be delighted to join in on some conversation about investing in this state (and outside of it! We invest in NH also right now).

Looking forward to meeting everyone March 15th, 5pm @ Hatchet! 

I added it as an event on the FB page - feel free to join that page also if you haven't! (Vermont Area Real Estate Investors)

Hey Everyone, I'm pretty new to the BP world but I'm very interested in meeting you all! On 3/15, I will be promoting my business at the St.Albans Home & Recreation expo, but now that I know these meet ups happen, I will keep my eyes peeled! I would love to hear how it goes for everyone!

Hi! I just joined BP three days ago. Still setting up a profile and all...tried tonight, but the site wasn't being very cooperative. I'm looking to gradually transitioning to real estate investing. I currently work as the Occupational Health Nurse for the VT Army National Guard. I hit my 20 years in just over two years and am looking to have a couple properties by then. I look forward to seeing everyone on the 15th @ the Hatchet.

I apologize for missing tonight. One of our cars was in the shop and had to pick up my kids from daycare. Hope to be a part of some upcoming events.

I second that Martin. My apologies for missing tonight. Had a late prospective tenant meeting and couldn’t get down there in time. I hope everyone had a good time!

We missed you guys! Had a great meetup. Hatchet had 25+ Hills Farmstead beers on tap. Great conversation and some good new relationship formed. Catch up next time!

Hey All! I'm sad to have missed this meetup. I'd love to put something together for mid April in Burlington. I have been doing a bunch of off market deals since moving here last August and would love to share some info and insight, and find out what everybody else is doing and looking for in this market. Would anybody be interested in an April meetup in Burlington? If so, what's everybody's favorite spot? 

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Agreed, I would love to have the opportunity to meet you all at a meet up this month! I love the new stonecutters bar, Highball, but it can get busy on weekends. I'm down to meet anywhere as long as we can hear each other :)

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