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hello, I am flying out to Indianapolis in two weeks and would like to get a few property manager recommendations, for companies that deal with SFH and small multi units in A/B/C areas. Looking for smaller shops that have really good communications and handy man on staff.

Please let me know if you can refer anyone as we are in the process of setting up our ground team out in Indianapolis and are looking for a good property manager, and deal flow source. 

Cheers and thanks in advance. 

We use BHB property management. Larry is president of property management and Eric is president of repair. We had a sewer issue on a SFH and they were on top of everything. @Jefferson Smith

Hi Drew,

If you're looking for a fairly decent budget property management group... Take a look at CityPlace Realty. They have very fair rates. I have sent a few clients their way!

I agree with @Ryan Bond 's recommendation above.  CityPlace Realty.  

Their fee is $50/month per unit. 

Check them out at 

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