Posted 11 months ago

10 Ways To Save On Remodeling

Whether you are a homeowner or have multiple investment properties, remodeling is probably in your future. It feels great to have a fresh look, but a big price tag often looms over the experience. If money is tight don’t throw in the towel. There are a number of ways to be economical without sacrificing quality. Here’s my ten Ali Safavi Real Estate tips to cost effective remodeling

Economic Packing

Remodeling often comes with a lot of trash. Instead of renting a lot of expensive containers and bins, keep your debris organized. Long boards should always run the length of the container. Set in large, hollow items like bathtubs or sinks open side up so you can fill them in instead of creating a void. Use small pieces to fill in and around large ones. It’s like your own life-sized Tetris game and the prize is saving money.

Natural Light

Instead of spending a ton of money on big window on the front and back of your house, look into opening up the roof. While skylights have their drawbacks because they can lead to moisture problems if not installed correctly, they can add a ton of light to a home at a lower cost.

Wall Cracks

Sometimes replacing is actually cheaper than repairing. Constantly fixing up cracked and damaged walls can eat into your pocket book.

Cabinet Color

Just because your cabinets are old doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them. A fresh coat of paint can give your kitchen a revitalized look and save you a bunch of cash.

Don’t Wing It

At Ali Safavi Real Estate we always have a plan before starting a remodeling job. This seems obvious, but having a detailed plan before you get started is one of the best ways to save money. Ask questions from your contractors, shop for things yourself and always prioritize.

Refinish Hardwood

If you have hardwood floors, consider refinishing them instead of installing all new flooring.

Go Used

New always feels good, but finding a deal on used fixtures and furniture will feel even between once you see how much money you save. If you have a resale shop in your neighborhood, make sure to take full advantage of their inventory.

Look Around for Leftovers

Ask your contractor if he or she has any leftover materials from previous projects, such as flooring, tile or trim, because you may be able to save money on material costs.

Do Your Own Painting

While some paint jobs may need a professional touch, there are many that are well within your capabilities. Whether you're painting a room or some kitchen cabinets, one way to save money is to do the painting yourself.

Don’t Mess With the Pluming

When remodeling a bathroom, try to keep your current plumbing where it is instead of relocating the shower and toilet. While this might mess with your idea of the dream bathroom, it won’t mess with your budget.