Posted 8 months ago

Goals - Do you have Them, Do you Track Them, and Do you Reset Them?

I believe yearly goals are great but with out breaking them down into micro goals and most importantly tracking them they are often just dreams that disappear into the night.

Perhaps my background in commission sales where every 90 days I felt like I could be fired for lack of performance has forced me to act the following way? I am not sure but let me offer this advice that helped me over the years and I know it can help you.

Step 1) Establish your 12 Month Goal – Be aggressive but not crazy. For example if you think you can do 2 Deals this year, make a goal of 4 but don’t say 20.

Step 2) Establish the keys to getting to 4 – How many offers, how big a network, how often you look at properties, etc. Figure out all the items that feed your big goal.

Step 3) Start Tracking and being brutally honest every week with yourself. Then every month create a monthly summary of how you did.

Step 4) At midyear self-assess where you are and figure out what is and is not working. Have you done what you thought possible, where are you weak and where are you strong.

Step 5) You got 6 Months left in the year what needs to change, what needs to double down and what needs to be dropped.

Step 6) Get after it, time is short and the real success starts to happen after the first 6 months of hard work.

In the end you likely don’t live in the 90 pressure cooker of sales but you can establish the process of pushing yourself and getting after your big goals by following this 6 step process.

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