Posted 6 months ago

Kindness and Prosperity Go Together and Here’s Why

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When I started in the multifamily sector, I wasn’t really equipped with enough knowledge about buying apartment complexes and improving the NOI and cap rates of these properties. Instead, I was able to acquire knowledge through a great deal of reading. These were not just books about real estate, but also books that touch on the human spirit. Aside from the practical knowledge in making money, I also learned the value of kindness.

People think that wealth-generation is about being smart and resourceful when it comes to finding the best deals. It’s true that, in the real estate sector, you will have to be very clever in order to negotiate the best possible terms. However, this is not what the sector is about.

In my years as a professional in the real estate industry, I realized that kindness is just as important as having the guts and brilliance of a businessman. I learned this when I first started gathering the resources I need for my property acquisitions.

At a time when banks were unable to loan a large amount because of a recession, I was lucky to have friends and family members who were willing to lend me cash. I was able to build a multifamily syndication from there. Before I knew it, I closed my first deal. It’s not just because I was able to show my knowledge about the sector, but it’s also because I showed compassion and kindness.

Indeed, the best things in life are possible if you show kindness to others. There are no tips or strategies to learn because I always believe that you can’t teach kindness. You can only feel it and make others feel it.

When you’re out there making a name for yourself, remember these essential nuggets of advice.

You are not alone

When you start to think more about generating wealth, you become more focused on yourself and your ego. You will always say “I want this” and “I want that”, but you have to remember that everything in life isn’t possible without the interventions of others. Your friends and family are there to help you, so show them kindness and guide them in bettering themselves.

People don’t always have ulterior motives

In business, you are often told to deal with people carefully. You won’t know if someone has a hidden agenda until it’s too late. It’s sad to think that while there are kind and compassionate people, there are also people who are willing to pull you down. It’s okay to be safe all the time, but not to a point that you consider everyone a potential malefactor. As much as possible, treat everyone equally and don’t assume that the people you meet are out to swindle you.

You can build strong relationships through kindness

When you are being kind to others, you are also bringing out the other positive traits that you have. These traits will no doubt be instrumental in forming valuable relationships. Whether you are dealing with investors, brokers, lawyers, teachers, or just about anyone who can help you reach your dreams, you need to show kindness to them and prove that you are also a great part of their lives.

Kindness is all about bringing value not only to yourself, but to others as well. So, go out there and show your compassion to the world!