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Review of Neal Bawas Apartment Magic eBoot Camp.

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This will be an honest review about my view on the Neal Bawa Apartment Magic eBootCamp That I attended in March 2019. I won't go into detail about what is taught in the course. For an overview please click the link at the top of the page. But I will tell you my thoughts and my experience taking the course. I’ll do my best to answer the questions you may want answering.

(Disclaimer. This review is unbiased and what I am writing to you is completely of my own volition for which I am not receiving any compensation) 

Ok now that's out of the way. On with the review.

I have found that lots of people like to mention they are doing a course, about to do a course or planning to do a course but then when it comes to actually telling us about their experience they seem to disappear. Or we get “ yeah it was good, worth it” or “ meh” or “It sucked” What's with that? That’s not a review. Hopefully this review will help your decision.

We all know the guru stories and I think its sad that so many successful people have become unethical in their business practices or just turn a blind eye to what is going on within their “training” classes.. So I understand “the fear of the upsell”. How do we combat this fear? We look for advice, reviews, we investigate and check to see if this person is real and honest. Try and find people who have been through the course. None of us want to be the proverbial guinea pig right? Chucking away our hard earned money.

I know what's on your mind so lets answer the big one first.

What's the upsell?

In Neals words “ You’re waiting for the upsell right?, well here it is. There is none, so you better pay attention to what I am teaching you because there is nothing else” . I liked this. Made me chuckle. Now there really is a lot more. The Facebook group is great, the contacts you make are invaluable and tons of advice is given. You get access to your live class recordings, lots of extras, too many to list here. But he doesn't offer any other classes, no mentorship program. He doesn't have to. The info he gives will melt your brain. You don't need anything else to get started. If you want your hand holding through the process there are good mentors out there. But you won't find one for this price.

Is Neal a Guru?

In the negative sense of the word, no he is not. In my eyes he is. Let me explain. Too often the bad connotations of the successful people turned unethical have tainted the title “ Guru”. In the true, non religious, sense of the word Guru means

“a teacher, especially one who imparts initiation”/ “ an expert of a particular field”/ “ a mentor” (ref the dictionary of English). 

Now he is not a mentor, and does not mentor after the class ( except for a 30 minute free phone call) yet I would say he most definitely instills initiation, is an expert in his field and is a brilliant teacher. So yes, in my eyes he is a Guru.

Do I recommend this course?

Absolutely yes. If you are serious about getting into multi family properties or even just investing passively you should be taking this course. Already have properties? Take the course anyway. I highly doubt you know everything. Neals tips and tricks will definitely help you in every aspect of your business development. Can you learn all this yourself? Yes you can, but why would you spend 5 to 10 years making mistakes when you can pay 2k or less and learn from someone who has been through it. It’s a no brainer.

What’s different about this course?

Well I haven’t taken other courses to really compare but I can give you what I feel is a fair assessment and what stood out to me. I would say its innovative. He partners you with other students for live labs (he is very clear about the value of connections). Teaches you about available technology and software for creating great shortcuts to finding and managing properties. Shows you how to use certain sites to collect data and make an informed decision based on hard facts. It isn’t just a talk, talk, talk type of thing. It’s not a video tutorial. This is a live class and is very two way. If anyone here would like something more in depth I can do that. I just don't want to make this too long.

How much does the class cost and is it worth the money?

As of Q1 2019 $2000 but I had a discount code for $400 off when I met him at Kyle & Lalitas meetup in Long beach ( a great meetup by the way) . Was it worth it? You’re damn right it was. I was terrified of spending this money, that's a lot of money for me. But I don't regret it at all.

What’s Neal like?

Crazy busy, passionate about his business and his teaching ( which he is very good at), Knowledgeable, genuinely seems to care that we succeed, analytical, honest and above all else ethical. Something that seems to be diminishing in the world of business.

He is very specific in how he searches for properties and everything is based on historical data, current data and facts. When you get to the section on finding metros and neighborhoods it will blow your mind. That module alone is worth the course cost. He welcomes all questions and answered every single one I asked. He said if the class went over because of too many questions he would add a day so we would get all the info he had to teach. I think that was a big selling point for me.

Who’s Anna Myers and what’s she like?

She is the lead underwriter and Vice President for GroCapitus.

Anna teaches the section on underwriting and deal analysis.. She explains everything very well, clearly knows her topic and is very willing to help and answer any questions you might have during the course. She is active on the Facebook page as is Neal and she has answered all of my questions during the course and on Facebook.

What did I get out of it?

A lot? A hell of a lot? A Ton? A brain full of ideas? A good understanding of each and every facet of Multifamily investing? Contacts? Take your pick, or I can throw a few more your way if you need me to. I will tell you that, in the end, what I thought I wanted ended up being something else. To make this section a bit shorter I decided to follow the path of the Asset Manager. Making sure a property performs to its highest ability. Its an important position and I am excited to get started. We all just need that first one right? Argh I’m so excited.

My recommendation if you take the course.

The modules are recorded so you can look back on them. What's cool is you can also watch the previous quarters recordings. I highly recommend joining the eboot camp a couple weeks early at least and go through the previous recordings before you start your live class. There is so much information it’s good to have your questions ready and then you can fill in the gaps in your notes.

I tried to keep this as short as possible but give you what you may want to know. Please, if you have questions feel free to message me and I will do my best to edit this review and answer your questions so that everyone can see them.

Also feel free to introduce yourself. I often go to the “LA’s Out-of-State Multifamily Apartment Investors” meetup in Long Beach and Manhattan Beach. Here is the facebook page

I have met a lot of great people at these meetups.

I hope this has helped you all.


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