Renting Real Estate Without Owner's Consent. Is this Contract fraud?

Tuesday, September 17

What kind of rental agreement could you possibly have to rent a property without the owner’s permission?  Is it always fraudulent and deceptive to rent a property if you don't own it and don't have the owner's permission?   Doubtless fraud is usually involved in instances where a person rents re...

There’s no Trespass @ Abandoned Property

Monday, September 16

Respected real estate Attorney, Annie Fitzsimmons, declared that my real estate activity constitutes trespass, theft and fraud.  (See the post; Abandoned Real Estate Realities: There's Two Sides to Every Story)  at:

Abandoned Real Estate Legalities, there are Two Sides to Every Story

Sunday, September 15

  Naomi asks a question.    Can this be legal? I've been taking over abandoned real estate without the owner's express permission.  A local real estate Broker and Agent, BP Member, and Olympia WA MeetUp sponsor was wondering if it was lawful for me to take over properties that the owner had ab...

Abandoned Real Estate. Renting what you don't own. Can this be legal?

Sunday, September 15

This blog discusses the legal implications of taking over “Abandoned” Real Estate and the laws regarding the Adverse Possession of real property. Can people really find and occupy, or rent out Real Estate which they do not own, especially if they do not have the owner of record's express per...