Posted 1 day ago

Today was a great (cold call) day!

I must start this by saying that I have spent over 10 years working in call centers of one type or another. I already have a big, deep voice, for those few that have spoken with me, you know what I am talking about. I have the voice that you would expect to be saying "Thank you for calling (inser company here). Your call is very important to us, please continue to hold..." It has given me some habits that I have to unlearn in making cold calls. I guess the professional smooth voice is a detriment to making cold calls when it comes to wholesaling.

My beautiful partner Vanessa has been worried for entirely different reasons, as we are so new to all of this, and she is used to being in the medical field, and working with people face to face in that type of environment. She made her first cold calls today! Actually, she got someone that was somewhat familiar with the game, and wanted to test what she was capable of, just to be a wise-guy. She knew when to calmly state that she was going to get put the guy on hold, without being rattled at all! A major feat for the first call.

I just had to share.