Posted 2 months ago

Different types of marketing for mobile homes, bandit signs!!!!!!!!

The best ways to find your first or next mobile home is marketing for them, in this blog post we are going to discuss one way I have used successfully a few times over the years to help you get started is BANDIT SIGNS.
The most effective type of bandit sign is the hand written sign that you staple to a poll directly outside the parks you want to work in, but not inside the park as this will cause you problems with the park owners/managers.
For those of you that don't want to buy them just use a piece of cardboard and write on it we buy mobile homes with a black sharpie then hang them on poles near the parks you want to work in, some areas they are illegal so hang them up on Friday and take them down on Monday.The best thing to do is buy a hard plastic sign that is water resistant to write on.
This is a simple process to get you started in this business if you are looking for some extra income or want to try and start a new business.

happy investing 
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