Posted 4 months ago

3 Exit Strategies When Investing In Mobile Homes

 Most people know that investing in any form of real estate you need to have as many exit strategies with each home that you buy before you purchase the home in case the market changes like it has in the last few weeks.
The good thing about investing in mobile homes you will usually if not always have at least 3 exit strategies with each home. Below is my exit strategies that we will use with any home that we purchase

1-Owner Finance or more commonly known as rent to own, we love this strategy because it helps people that can't usually qualify for a home become a home owner.
2-Cash sale, this is the least utilized strategy but occasionally someone will offer cash for the homes especially in the really nice parks.
3-renting the home, as the people that work with me know I'm not a big fan of being a landlord but lately I have been looking into renting these home to a section 8 tenants or even financing them to a section 8 tenant to help them become homeowners.

happy investing 
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