Posted 4 months ago

Just do it (write a blog)

Feb 21, 2021

I have looked at a few of the other blogs and they seem well organized and well thought out. In comparison, I have been jumping all over the place and mine looks so disorganized. This last week I did not want to post because I was trying to get my real life work better organized and I did not want to put something up that I was not 100% with. I drew an analogy between posting and having analysis paralysis. As Joe Rogan would say 90% of it, is just showing up.


What I need to do is to stop being so worried about how the blog looks now . I think it will improve over time. I just have to stick with it, until I hit a format that I am comfortable with. The main goals are really to keep myself accountable to this huge plan, and to organize my thoughts. To actually put my ideas down has the benefit that I read it from the point of a third person to see if it makes sense before I post it. On my other investing discussion board, I would actively ask for people to smash on my plans and point out the flaws. It never felt good to have criticism but I really appreciated the outside point of view and tweaked my plans especially when I have overlooked a key concept.


One of the ways that I have decided to keep this blog regular is to include a bit of writing in my morning routine. I always wanted to be one of those guys who got up at 6am and exercised. I have given up an extra hour in the evening (wasted time just watching videos or tv.) and traded it in for a productive hour in the morning. I have made it a key part of my morning to do 3 things every day. I am thinking that I can get another 30 minutes if I plan it right. My key personal activities are Exercise, Reading and Meditation. So far I this year, I have exercised at least 30 minutes/day and only missed 4 days since January 1. BP does have a location for goals, but logging on to BP was not one of my activities, so it only shows a short part of my exercise and reading streak. I may add logging in to BP as part of my routine. Right now it is pretty busy as I also do about 3-4 household chores that takes about 30-40 minutes each morning as well.


Although I already have a few good stories about work, I will not be posting anything specific as I do not want to put any private information out there. All comments will be of a generic sense, Like how to post more effective adds for tenants. etc