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Can the tenants pay the rent in 2024?

Thursday, March 21

This is an interesting article with some sad news and a quick summary. Tightening Credit Standards: Banks are implementing stricter credit standards, a move that could have varied consequences depending on individual circumstances.S...

What does the Realtors' Settlement mean in Worcester

Thursday, March 21

In the dynamic world of real estate, shifts in industry practices often spark lively debates and discussions. One such development that's been making waves recently is the evolution of commission structures, particularly concerning the compensation of buyer's agents. Let's delve into what this ch...

The real reason the old Fallon Health HQ is going to become housing

Wednesday, February 21

There is much excitement over the proposal from Synergy Investments to turn One Chestnut Place and Two Chestnut Place from office buildings into housing.  Most will know the big building as the GREEN ROOF building just west of Downtown Worcester.

Are there too many real estate agents?

Thursday, January 25

Just read an article  by Lew Sichelman Frankly I have to agree. It is really easy to get your real estate license, but very hard to know what you are doing. It is not a business that you should be doing part time if you are working for other ...

MORE about stretch code and 3 deckers

Monday, October 02

Another great 3 decker article. have to agree with Mike DeLuca on this one.The costs to convert old houses to electric is substantial, even with a gut renovation it might be $30k more than traditional heating/AC systems.What does thi...

Weatherizing Worcester 3 Deckers

Monday, September 11

Here is an article from Mass live written by Trea Lavery This is an interesting concept.  Weatherize and electrify old buildings to bring them from the 19th/20th Century into the 21st Century and provide better housing. For someone w...