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Was professor Matheson Right about Polar Park?

Tuesday, November 22

Take a look at this article about the Ballpark from August 22, 2018. https://commonwealthmagazine.o... I agreed with Professor Matheson then, and I do now. The main benefit from the ballpark has been that Worcester is happier with itself.  Is that an economic driver?  Perhaps. It has put Worceste...

Is Worcester in danger of an Urban Doom Loop?

Monday, October 31

Who wants office space in Worcester? Apparently not the investors. Here is an interesting article about vacant office space in Philly. Basically here is the scenario.  No one wants office space.  This causes the value of office buildings to drop. Here is case and...

WorcesterMulti in the News

Monday, October 31

Back in the news. Please see this article by Sam Turken of WGBH. There is a link to an audio file as well. I may have mentioned in a prior Blog that there are times after seeing Multis that I cry for Worcester.  This article makes you want to cry. People who have...

The Mexican Standoff in Real Estate

Monday, October 24

Though I am not sure if I can use the term "Mexican Standoff"  But there is a definition available: A Mexican standoff is a confrontation in which no strategy exists that allows any party to achieve victory. Any party initiating aggression might trigger its own demise. At the same time, the parti...

How the Dual tax rate has shaped Worcester- ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

Thursday, October 20

One of the things that bothers me most about Worcester is the slow march to elitism of the City.What do I mean here?The City Council always talks about how they want to save neighborhoods and make this a great livable city.For this reason many councilors continue to support the lowest residential...

32% of Workers are running out of Money between Paychecks!

Thursday, October 20

Just saw this statistic.   32% of Workers are running out of money between paychecks. This includes workers making over $100k This seems crazy, but the recession is coming. The FED and Congress flooded the economy with "Helicopter Money" and this temporarily made people comfortable. Now those sam...