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Posted 10 months ago

What is the Great Renovation?

You may start seeing articles talking about the Great Renovation.

The housing stock in many places is very old.

Worcester is the quintessential city for this.

Since there are so few, new or move in ready houses, these are bought up by end users(owner occupants for the most part)

Who buys the junk?

That could be you.

Do you want to do a flip?  or a BRRR?

These opportunities might be a career for you as there is so much older housing and someone has to fix them up.

Do you have the money/patience/time to fix up an older house and put it back in productive use for others?

Maybe you want to start with a simple one and just break even, then work up to the larger projects where you can make more money.

If this appeals to you. NOW IS THE TIME.