Posted over 1 year ago

Why you should read BANKER AND TRADESMAN

People often ask what they can do to make themselves a better real estate investor.  The answer is simple, gain more knowledge.

One of the best periodicals in the business is Banker and Tradesman.  You can get print and online, depends on how old you are.

The online version provides daily links about things going on in Real Estate in MA.  Most of which is in the Boston Area.  Then you get the print version on a weekly basis.  

Another useful aspect is that each week they give a complete rundown of all sales for the week.  You can see your market and what things have changed hands.  From this you can see how much of your market is not on the MLS.

In Worcester, MA Multi Family- my main market- I am seeing about 30% of the properties transfer without hitting the MLS.  In my personal experience that number is higher.  

My off market numbers are likely higher since the buyers I work with are typically Value/Long Term investors so they are not forced to buy something but are able to take their time and see things.

This is a great article in the August 30, 2021 B&T. it is titled Sales of Two and Three Families Jump.  Hopefully the link will work for you.  If not you can search for James Sanna who is the author.


The article does a great job explaining the hardship that the delayed rollout of pandemic rental assistance has caused for small landlords of 2-4 Unit buildings.  It goes on to show that the number of 2 families sold statewide is up 18.78% then the 3 year pre covid average.  Median price of a 3 family state wide is $500k.

Hopefully you will get as much out of B&T as I do.