Posted 16 days ago

5 SEO Tips for Improving your Real Estate Investing Website

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Motivated sellers in your market will be going to Google today to search for a solution to sell their house.

Will the Google search results list your real estate investing website on the first page? That question is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. When people in your town want to sell their house quickly for cash, will they find you on Google?

In this article, I’ll share some simple but effective strategies that you can use to make sure they find you when searching.

#1. Use The Right Keywords

In general, motivated sellers are probably searching for something like “sell my house fast [and the name of your town]”. So, be sure to build a website around that phrase. (Of course, not all motivated sellers are looking for those specific words, so be sure to shape your keywords to the phrases that your specific audience is looking for.)

#2. Write, Write More And Keep Writing

Google wants to only send people to sites that are truly helpful to searchers, so they’re looking for resource-heavy sites that are focused on the relevant topics that searchers want to know. To help support the main keywords you’re focused on, create content. To Google, content matters! Think about the different problems, phrases, and questions that potential motivated sellers might search for, and answer those in articles. For example, they might search “How do I sell my house fast?” and “How do I sell my house for cash?” and “Can I sell my house without a real estate agent?” Each of these articles are great topics to write a helpful resource about on your site.

#3. Find More Keyword Phrases With Google’s “Searches Related To…”

Do a search using Google and at the bottom of the page you’ll see a list of keyword phrases under the heading “Searches related to [your search query].” You now know what other keyword phrases people have also been using. For example, my search for “Sell my house fast in [your city or town]” may also show keywords like “we buy houses fast in [your city or town]”. You can write content that uses these other keyword phrases, too.

#4. Keep The Eyeballs On Your Page

Google doesn’t just measure who is clicking to your page… they’re paying attention to how long people are on your page! The more people click on your site and stay there, the greater the likelihood that Google will show your site even more to people who make similar searches. Therefore, engage your readers with content that will make them want to keep reading. An article that is easy to read and contains a list of points is a great way to do that. (Hey! That’s exactly what I’m doing!)

#5. Put Pictures In Your Website Articles

Pictures draw people to your content, but what picture would you include in an article about selling a house in probate? Or selling a house in lousy shape? Pictures of houses, preferably good quality pictures you’ve taken yourself. Be sure to rename the image file before posting it, something like “probate house.” Then use the alt text field like it’s a caption related to your article title, like “sell a probate house in [your town].”

#6. Does Google Hate Me? Why Is My Website Not Ranking in Google Yet?

It can take a while to appear in Google’s search engines. In fact, there are about 200 factors that affect search engine optimization. Keep posting new content built around the keyword phrases that you would like to see people find you for and your website should eventually start showing up. It’s a long game… and a value-focused game. Don’t get caught up in unethical “black hat” strategies to try and game the rankings; in my experience, that always comes back to haunt you.

#7. A LIttle-Used SEO Strategy That Can Skyrocket You To Page 1

In all the years I’ve been investing AND copywriting for real estate investors, I’ve seen this huge, nearly-untapped opportunity that many investors are ignoring, overlooking, or avoiding altogether: videos on YouTube. You see, Google owns YouTube and they often integrate videos into their search results to drive people to YouTube. That means, you may be in a competitive market where it’s difficult to get your website ranked on page 1 of Google… however, since many investors are NOT doing video, you can actually get your videos ranked on Google much more easily. So, get over your stage-fright, grab a camera, and start recording short, helpful videos over and over again. Post them consistently in YouTube and you’ll leverage this great, under-utilized way to appear on page 1 of Google.


Motivated sellers are on the internet looking to sell their house fast in your market… will they find you? Use these simple, effective search engine optimization strategies to make sure you’re positioning your site for them. It won’t happen overnight but apply these solid best practices over and over consistently and you’ll turn your website into a motivated seller lead-generating machine!