Posted almost 12 years ago

What Do You Write About for Your Real Estate Blog?

Maybe you have your own blog on a personal website, and you’ve been writing a few blog entries here and there. The problem is you can’t seem to write a consistent flow of entries without running out of ideas. Sound familiar, right? Don’t worry, as most real estate bloggers and bloggers in general have run into such an issue. It’s totally understandable, but there are ways you can get out of this rut. Maybe you can’t think of ideas because you’re not enjoying the kind of topics you’re writing about? Here are some tips to give you a jump start:

Go Beyond Real Estate

When I started blogging, it was tough writing only about Milford CT homes for sale. There’s only so much you can write on the topic day after day, that you need to spread out your entries to make your content seem fresh and exciting. That’s why it helps if you throw in non-real estate topics, such as current events and recent happening in areas like pop culture to spice things up a bit. You’ll show readers and potential real estate clients that you have a life beyond your work. This is a quality that people are drawn to and are more willing to deal with someone who isn’t all work all day.

Go Hyper Local

Since you’re trying to target a local niche, it helps if your topics go hyper local. This means that you’re writing about recent news and events in your target area for real estate. When I started doing this, I began receiving traffic for people searching for local keywords regarding my area that didn’t involve Milford CT real estate.

While these longtail keyword searches from your blog entries may not necessarily be about home buying, you might attract people from other areas or other states that are doing research on your niche area prior to looking for a home. Establishing this kind of connection with your readers is a great way of possibly gaining clients. That’s just the power of the internet for you.

Have Fun with It

Most real estate bloggers think that they have to stick to real estate trends, news, and statistics for their sites. However, that’ll get boring after a while, for both you and your readers. Once you start having fun with your blog entries, it’ll become easier and easier every day to put together a blog post. I understand how tough it is to write every day, as that's what I do with my Milford CT real estate site, but it’s just something you have to do to build ever-growing presence on the worldwide web.