What is Stopping you From Buying your First Investment Property?

Saturday, March 13

Why aren't you buying your first investment property? Now there are a variety of reasons that can be given but the truth is, it's only the B-S that you're telling yourself and why you're not buying it.  Let me explain this.  There's a reason to, or not to do anything and if the consequences were...

Should investors work with real estate agents?

Friday, March 12

That's an age-old question. Should investors work with real estate agents? The answer is—of course they should if it's the right fit. Let me explain. All investors and agents are not good fits to work together. But building a relationship with the right kind of agent is very beneficial for both...

Is it better to buy a mobile home or a house as a rental?

Thursday, March 11

What's better: to buy as a rental property: a mobile home, or a house? It's been asked, what's better if I'm holding rental properties. Is it better to buy a mobile home, or better to buy a house? A lot of times the attraction of a mobile home over a home is very much just price-based. People l...

Should I pay cash or finance?

Wednesday, March 10

Should I Buy with Cash or Get a Loan? It's an age-old question. Should you write a check or get a loan? Well, first off you should determine, do you have the ability to pay cash for the property or is it going to take all the money you have? Depending on what market you're in, such as C...

Would You DIE for your Deal?

Tuesday, July 24

In my experience the folks that are having a hard time getting started or making money in the Real Estate investment space are the ones that are not adding value to the deal. 

Wholesaling 101

Sunday, December 11

There are plenty of ways to make money in the real estate business, but for most the barriers of available cash and/or credit really puts a damper on things. Wholesaling is probably the best way to get your feet wet without any real risk of cash or credit.I personally  got my start in real estate...