Posted over 10 years ago

Video: How I got 16% rates in 2011 AZ tax liens

I've been asked some questions about my blog posts and how I use spreadsheets in my tax lien investing.

As of 3 years ago, I concentrate solely on Online Tax Lien Auctions.


Here's a few of the bigger reasons;

  1. Easy to figure out the competition strategies from the previous year's results.
  2. Easy to invest and no time spent sitting in crowded county building rooms waiting for the liens I want to bid on.
  3. Did I mention easy to figure out - and beat - the competition's strategies by using previous year's results?

Here is a link to a video I made for a group of people about my strategy in a 2011 auction. I show my spreadsheets, my thought process on bid strategy (due diligence was not covered in this video) and my results.

I'll keep this video up for a few weeks. It shows how I decided to go for high rates of return in Arizona tax liens. The top is 16% and I was able to get 16% for every tax lien I bought in that auction. And they are worthwhile, buildable, residential lots - not landlocked, slivers of land.

Here's the link: