Posted almost 10 years ago

2013 AZ Tax Lien Auction Prep

Yup. Time to start the preparation for the 2013 AZ online tax lien auctions.

To be honest, prep started right after last year's auctions ended. I created my results spreadsheet and had my outsourcer add the additional Bid data. I looked at some new areas and updated my Parcel Priority list for this year.

Parcel Priority list is a simple list I have that identifies the beginning of Parcel numbers in areas I'm interested in buying liens. Either the properties are really good in the area, or from my research of past auction results, I know the property in the areas has value and the liens tend to go for higher rates.

This year, I'm going to mix higher rate liens with a couple of mixed commercial/residential liens.

I'm also working getting a rollover IRA transferred to a soloK. That will be the big guns for this year.