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Cash Management Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Cash Management Strategies for Real Estate Investors


As an investor, I want my money deployed working hard to generate passive income. However, there are times to buy, times to sell, and times to sit on the sideline while you are evaluating your next acquisition.  After I’ve acquired an asset it is essential to have access to liquid funds to manage fluctuations in my cashflow.   If cashflow is King then liquidity would be Queen.

Whether I’m talking about cash reserves or sitting on the sideline waiting to close my next deal, I want my cash to earn more than the measly interest banks are paying.  

If there was a place to safely store your cash while earning interest rates 4-6 times what banks are paying, would you want to know about it?

If there was a way to borrow money at 5% and invest it for virtually guaranteed returns of 6%, would you want to know about it? Did I mention that you don’t need a credit score or a job to qualify for the loan?

What if that cash management strategy also came with the benefits of asset protection, privacy, and tax shelter?

You’ve probably heard about the Infinite Banking Concept which is a cash management strategy utilizing cash value life insurance.  Until I did my homework I didn’t realize how powerful this financial strategy can be.  It is also much easier to use than you might imagine.

In a 60 minute free webinar with professional real estate investor David Campbell and Patrick Donohoe owner of Paradigm Life, you’ll learn:

  - How to safely generate above market interest rates on your cash reserves
  - How to implement simple tax strategies to save thousands on your income taxes
  - A magic trick to safely invest your cash in three places AT THE SAME TIME!
  - How to protect your cash reserves from creditors

Plus you’ll learn the basics of cash value life insurance and how savvy real estate investors use the infinite banking concept to increase their profits, lower their risk, and save on taxes.

Although this is a creative investing strategy that can seem confusing at first, we will do our best to make the information simple, relevant, and easy to use.

To register for this free event, Cash Management Strategies for Real Estate Investors visit
Attend live to get your questions answered, but the event will also be recorded so you can watch when it is convenient for you.  Register for this free webinar to gain access to the live event or the video recording once it is made available.


David Campbell is a professional real estate investor, developer and broker.   As the founder of, David enjoys counseling new and experienced investors in both traditional and creative investing strategies.

Patrick Donohoe started Paradigm Life in 2007 with the objective of providing personalized education about the Infinite Banking Concept to families, business owners and investors.  He  was born and raised in Central Connecticut and currently resides in Salt lake City Utah with his wife and 2 daughters.