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What Kind of Business is the Land Investing Business?

Saturday, July 20

Joining Scott are: Landon HarrisScott BossmanKirk PeartTate Litchfield Some things they discussed: What business are we really in?Phases of the land business.Note managing.Lending business. Mark also discussed that we are in the asset management and people business. TIP OF THE WEEK Kirk: Read...

Create Wealth and Passive Income with Lifestyle Investor Justin Donald

Friday, July 12

Justin excels at simplifying complex financial strategies, structuring deals, and disciplined investment systems that consistently yield profitable results. His extensive entrepreneurial experience includes owning several profitable real estate-related businesses, one of the largest mobile home p...

How to Take Care of Property Taxes When Doing the Land Business

Saturday, July 06

Joining Scott are: Landon HarrisTeria HarrisKirk PeartTate Litchfield Some things they discussed: Paying property taxes.How to prioritize when paying property taxes.Following the profit-first model.Clean slate vs. Cash flow management. Mark and the geeks also discussed what to do when property ...

Land Investing Success Story w/ Flight School Graduate Stephanie Dean

Saturday, June 29

Listen in as Stephanie discussed: How she found the Land Geek.What her corporate job before Flight School.Why the land business?The stories that inspired her to keep going.Her favorite deals.Her most challenging part of the land business. Stephanie also shares her advice to new land investors pl...

Land Investing Tip: What to Do When a Property Takes Longer to Sell

Saturday, June 22

Joining Mark are: Erik PetersonTate Litchfield Some things they discussed: What happens when a property is not selling?What are some things you can do to sell the property?The CEO mindset.The struggle to sell is part of being a land investor.Find an excuse to succeed. Mark also discussed that a...

Land Investing Tips on Prioritizing What Matters and Not Wasting Time

Saturday, June 15

Joining Scott are: Landon HarrisKirk PeartErik PetersonTate Litchfield Some things they discussed: What usually sucks our time.How should land investors spend their time?Priorities vs distractions.Wasting valuable time chasing sales. Mark also discussed the best use of your time as CEO of your ...