Day 3 Riverside "slow motion" rehab

Monday, May 08

DAY 3 Repaired hose bib. Raked and put the trash and recycle bins out. Asked a roofer to come out and take a look at the metal roof. He came out and we talked about the project. He showed me how the copper standing seams are smaller than usual, and are not crimped down in many areas. Additionally...

Surfing Impaired: Too old, Too fat, Don't care

Saturday, May 06

Front gate photo, Indialantic Florida rehab

Uh Oh! I see termite damage as high as the top of the door.

Saturday, May 06

DAY 2 We went over with the kids and did a lot of yard work. One of my friends, Mel, came over with her power tools and we set out to do some major trimming of the overgrown plants. We had a plan to take back the plants so that the windows were revealed, and to clear 10 feet around the hous...

Day 1 Activities Immediately After Closing

Saturday, May 06

DAY 1 —Immediately after closingBrought the whole family over...parents, kids and dog. We chopped at bushes around the back. Leaf litter and branches that contact the house provide an Insect Super Highway for termites and other invasive critters. The goal is to get all vegetation ten feet away f...


Friday, May 05

Have had the Riverside house under contract for about a month. I didn't want to post until we got the deal firmly in hand. And that, honestly, didn't happen until the day after our closing was to occur!We were very close to the finish line. Tension was building. We'd gotten all of our require...