Buying a Vacation Rental, is it a big deal?

Tuesday, October 13

I'm going on vacation this weekend.  It's a mini vacation to an area that has condos that seem extremely affordable.  Is there a large barrier of entry to having a Vacation Rental By Owner and covering the costs of my vacation home?Thousands of people utilize VRBO to list their vacation homes on ...

Work towards building your business one day at a time

Tuesday, October 06

Do a little building everyday and one day you have built a skyscraper.

Re-branding from we buy houses okc worked.

Thursday, August 27

I rebranded my business at the beginning of this year in order to separate myself from the "we buy houses okc" pack.  No one could discern myself from anyone else who sent a yellow letter / post card / bandit sign.  So I went full force and re-branded as Rocco Buys Houses.  It has been a very lon...

How to train your 2 year old for we buy houses

Thursday, July 16

Here's a picture at the post office in Oklahoma City.  My son handing over a stack of We Buy Houses letters to get mailed out.  This has to be some kind of good luck. Life is great.

The week the universe through me 5 curveballs - Oklahoma City Tornados

Friday, May 15

This last week in Oklahoma City has been an non-stop barrage of bad weather events that have impacted my business.  It started out with a tornado that hit a mobile home that I had just finished rehabbing.    The tornado came through on May 6th. Luckily, the tornado didn't do too much damage to m...

Oklahoma City Real Estate Investors - Now is the time!

Tuesday, March 24

I can help local in-state, out-of-state, and international investors get an easy 10% cap rate on their investments in Oklahoma City! Get with me to find the great properties and the hidden gems.  Here are the statistics on the OKC Real estate market.% Change of Rents (Q32009- Q32014)13.73% Increa...